WMX's Music and Culture Destination, UPROXX, Predicts Changes Up Ahead for Music and Media

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While the expansion of digital platforms was big this year, it's going to be even more noteworthy in 2022. At the same time, efforts to place content on a multitude of distribution platforms will ramp up. And there are likely to be sharp pivots in media company strategies in response to a variety of developments and greater engagement by consumers as they interact with smart TV products, mobile devices and computers. Those are just a few of the predictions from UPROXX, WMX's youth culture and music destination.

Kris Maske, Head of Publishing at UPROXX, foresees another key development during 2022: more explosive growth for TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms that showcase short-form videos.

UPROXX initiated annual forecasts for internal purposes five years ago as a way of staying ahead of opportunities as the company expanded its video and editorial content to various additional platforms catering to its target audience of Gen Z. The forecast process involves a variety of company generated data, analytics and consumer research. Artist strategies, as well as current and future advertisers' opinions are also examined. "Making sure that we have all the right products for advertisers, artists we work with, and users we're interactive with -- that's the name of the game," Maske said. "You have to make sure that it all matches up."

The right formula for success involves quality content, expertise and authenticity. "You have to [provide] that across subject matter and verticals," he added. "This has to be paired with scale, across platforms that have meaningful audience size."

Next year, there are likely to be more UPROXX platform integrations of various forms of content from music artists, including their latest music videos, concerts and fan interactions. UPROXX also plans to expand its making-of segments, called "Behind the Video," which are connected to new music releases and music video placement on additional platforms.

UPROXX plans to further expand its programming around music and entertainment culture, Maske said. This will create more opportunities to grow audiences, work with artists and partner with brands. Podcasts are part of that effort. "[They] will become about owning niche audiences and subject matter," he noted. "The people who can do that in multiple places, with multiple shows that create scale, will have the winning model.

"The need to develop predictions is critical to keep UPROXX moving forward," he concluded. "Things are never stagnant in publishing or digital media. If we aren't evolving, looking at what's coming, and how we're going to optimize and adapt, we're falling behind."

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