Women Disrupting the Fintech Industry One CNote at a Time

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We all want to make a difference, leave a lasting legacy, help others - but do we have the oomph to do what it takes to make it happen?

Today we're fortunate to be joined by Yuliya Tarasava, COO and Co-Founder, CNote a women-led fintech platform that recently raised a $3 million investment round to expand its business delivering competitive returns by investing in women, minorities and low-income communities across America.

Hers is a story of persistence, doing whatever it took to make her professional dreams a reality. And we are the beneficiaries as CNote investors have helped create over 3,000 jobs and deployed over 50% of investors' capital to businesses led by people of color.

We're going to learn a bit about her journey, the role of women in the future economy and just how easy it is for each of us to be impact investors. Yuilya's three key takeaways to all who are looking to make an impact and build a business:

  1. Your network is key - use it!
  2. Your true north of your endeavor, company, goal will be what generates enormous resilience and courage
  3. Look around you. Who is coming up behind you and how can you help them?

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