Working Remotely in 2021: How Automation Will Streamline Your Performance Marketing Operations

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With business dynamics changing this year, along with environmental factors like COVID-19, a lot of businesses are stretched for margins. In times like these, the best utilization of resources for companies is to focus on growing their businesses by using automation to replace all the man hours put into repetitive manual processes so employees can focus on value-creating tasks. Fortunately, automation solutions are emerging in the performance marketing space every step of the way from offer creation to campaign optimization to offer pausing and measurements.

Here are five ways that show how automation is making performance marketing more efficient and scalable for marketers right now:

Offer Testing
Nobody wants to send traffic to an inactive offer. Nobody wants to spend money on users that are not going to yield any return. Hence offer testing can save both time and cost for advertisers and publishers. Broken links have to be identified and corrective measures need to be taken in a timely manner to make the most of the efforts. This saves hours and hours of ad operations along with manual back and forth communication to solve an issue, which can be identified by an automated tool within seconds. This is achieved by having offer testing as an inbuilt part of a performance marketing management platform, like ours, where all the actions from creating a new offer to promoting them to your partners can be validated by the system upon the user's choice.

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization
The next key lever typically in the hands of marketers to pull when it comes to optimizing their campaigns is audience targeting. One can make their campaigns more effective by tuning the campaign target by audience geolocation, device, traffic-type, carriers, interests and other custom data. Performance marketing solutions with automated audience targeting can reduce the amount of manual work and cost based on rules set by the marketers. Additionally, they can set rules that determine which ads are distributed to the publisher partners to best match the audiences targeted using advanced machine learning algorithms.

This means that companies can use granular targeting options manually and also use a platform's recommendation tool, powered by machine learning, to suggest the right ad for the right user, thereby increasing the ROI for the advertiser and profitability for businesses.

Automated Insights
While the first-generation campaign management tools only provide limited data insights and require substantial manual work processes, the next-generation solutions are integrating more sophisticated data science tools. These provide greater accessibility to performance metrics, which allow marketers and partners to see tracking and revenue numbers in real time. Further, today's data science tools can automatically discover patterns, trends and business opportunities in the data, so that marketers can further optimize their performance marketing efforts. With Swaarm, business users can query billions of real-time events in seconds with just drag and drop actions. This tool helps identify patterns in traffic across a business with just a few clicks. For our business intelligence (BI) enthusiasts, there are also advanced data science tools that allow you to run SQL and Python notebooks across your real-time and historical data. All this is directly available in the platform, with zero setup and no third party fees and integration pains.

Automatic Offer Approval
Affiliate marketing is unique from other advertising channels (like search or social media) in a way that the brand marketer must distribute and accept offers with the affiliate partner for referring potential customers. It's a process that is to date manual and archaic in the digital marketing age. Fortunately, automation now enables importing, creating and accepting offers from a vast number of integrated partners based on predefined rules, thereby saving tons of time and resources.

When it comes to taking any action with automation in Swaarm, every user can configure the rule to their needs. We believe flexibility is a key ingredient for automation to succeed. Hence, while creating offers into your Swaarm platform from a feed, there are a wide range of options to choose from. This helps any user to set up their processes with dos and don'ts and lets the platform handle the rest while they can focus on other value adding tasks.

Automated Client Notifications
Another big part in the affiliate marketing domain is keeping all partners informed of all the changes that might be happening on an offer. For example, the payout for promoting an offer during Christmas can be different from the rest of December. Communicating this information to affiliate partners in real time can be a bit of a challenge. First find all the partners, then their contacts and then write e-mails for the changes. With automation all of this can be handled with a click of a button. In Swaarm, clients have access to something called as smart triggers. These triggers already identify your partners and the contacts, write an appropriate text for the update, and all you need to do is schedule it.

Performance marketing is a great strategy, made even more effective by automation. Marketers need to be able to view and measure results quickly in order to make key decisions about channels and partners. To really hit business goals, it's important to build campaigns strategically—choose the right platforms, ad formats and optimization goals, focus on the right audience and, of course, create campaigns that will resonate with the target audience. Automation is the key to scale and achieve these goals now and going into 2021.

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