The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Thelma Evans was the missing Evans family member from the show Good Times.

FIRST FIVES: Jim Wall, Brett Blattman, Caroline Mendes, Candace Gorin & Neil Moffatt

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5

The X Factor-FOX 3.4/9.2

Presidential Debate-NBC 3.4/9.9

Presidential Debate-CBS 3.0/10.1Kristy Carruba

Presidential Debate-ABC 3.0/10.1

Survivor-CBS 2.9/10.4

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

2012 Presidential Debate-NBC 1,205,909

PBS Newshour Debates-PBS 1,190,613

ABC News 2012 Presidential Debates-ABC 1,136,191

Debate Presidencial-Univision 1,114,317

FOX News Presidential Debate-CBS 1,109,308

Wednesday's Cable Top 5

Presidential Debate-CNN 2.1/6.0

Presidential Debate-FOX News 1.9/10.4

Debate Night in America-CNN 1.9/5.8

On the Record with Greta Van Sustern-1.5/8.1

Presidential Debate-1.3/4.7

Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Debate Night in America-CNN 1,265,421

First Presidential Debate-MSNBC 1,147,756

America's Election HQ-Fox News 1,133,292

The Presidential Debate-CNBC 1,103,780

Politically Direct-Current TV 1,084,212

Late Night Ratings for the week of 9/24-9/28


Comedy Central-.7/1.6

Tonight Show-.7/3.3



Colbert Report-.5/1.1



Craig Ferguson-.4/1.4

Carson Daly-.3/.9

Morning Show Ratings for the week of 9/24-9/28




-X Factor Boot Camp Day 2, still in South Beach, 60 contestants left. Okay, I don't remember the pairings thing from last season, did they steal that from The Voice? The Britney faces were classic in this one, at one point, Britney looked like she smelled dog poop on her fingers or something. I'm sure that makes the contestants feel so comfortable. She always looks so confused and X+Factorannoyed like she's never heard or seen people sing before. It is one of the best parts of the show. Lots of crying, lots of drama, lots of people forgetting the words to their songs. I had two favorite moments, one was the two tattooed guys doing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On". They both did a great job, but Vino the guy with the tattooed head thought he blew it and through his hat. Which only made me wonder more what it would take for someone to tattoo their entire head the way he has? Why? I'm guessing we'll find out in one of the packages as throughout the competition. Of course they saved the battle of the Whitney's girls until the end of the show. Cece's no dummy, she picked a song that Paige didn't know and page did forget the words but she recovered nicely and my guess is that for ratings, they both go through because they are the show. I'm still not sure I understand why Cece paints leopard spots all over herself but I'm guessing that again, we will find out during the course of the competition. Next week...Judges Homes and Justin Bieber...

Glee-Last night's episode of Glee, while not the most uplifting episode in the world, was one of the best ever. Huge transition for the entire cast as all of the couples struggled to maintain their long distance relationships and subsequently broke up. So no more Klaine, Brittana, Wemma, or Finchel. The show was so well done and the performances were all amazing, but the last song of the night, the entire casts rendition of Coldplay's "The Scientist". It was such a powerful moment. You really felt everyone's pain. The odd moment of the episode was when Santana started to sing her break up to Brittany and the Glee band sort of strolled in on cue. Even though this was a very emotional and sad episode, I was really happy and excited to see that Glee Club will be performing one of my favorite movies of all time...Grease! I can't wait, I am already declaring Grease Movie Trivia days, maybe even weeks! Now I have something to thank Ryan Murphy for.

30+Rock-The premiere episode of the last season of 30 Rock was also on last night. Jonathan's back mainly because his role on Whitney is just about over and I'm sure Maulik Pancholy, the actor who plays him, could probably use the extra dough since 30 Rock is also on its way out. While it was good to see Jonathan back, Hazel was also back and I just can't stand her. Alec Baldwin looks like he's lost 25-35 lbs. That's what happens when you marry a Yoga instructor and go granola. The premise of this last season was set up nicely. Jack and Liz want to take down NBC so that Cabletown will sell it off to Adolph Paas, the Easter egg dye mogul. Hilarious, but even more hilarious, "God Cop" the show within the show where Jack plays God. Dying...too funny! Get rid of Hazel and the final season will go out on top in my opinion. I hate Hazel!

-Chris Traeger's in therapy on Parks & Rec which lead him to create 311 for Pawnee, basically Pawnee's therapy phone number. If you need any help, call 311. I was noticing that 30 Rock is one of the only TV shows that doesn't showcase Apple laptops. I wonder what the back story of that is. I read Steve Jobs book and I'm forgetting if the Apple laptop infiltration of Hollywood was discussed. Anyone remember? Loved Donna reading 50 Shades of Gray at work and getting all hot and bothered. I completely identified! April and Ben were trying to take a road trip and surprise Andy and Leslie, but they basically didn't move at all, as they were stuck in traffic which in itself was a great story. Looks like Ron is getting a girlfriend, only love would make Ron Swanson subject himself to a makeover by 6 year old girls.

-While I had absolutely no interest in the 2012 Presidential Debates, a lot of people did. If you added up all the networks together, the Debates delivered a 40.4 Household Rating and 67 million viewers which is up significantly vs. 2008. In 2008 the debates delivered 52 million viewers. The only part of the debate that I saw was the part in the video link below. If you want me to watch a debate, a good way is to add some Adam and Blake and my favorite chairs...check it out:

October is sort of a boring month with the exception of Halloween, so with the Emmy contest over, let's get the refer a friend contest back and see how many new readers you can all send my way by Halloween...there is of course a prize...Just send me their email address, or have them send it to me saying that you referred them and whoever gets credit for the most email addresses submitted by 10/31 wins the prize...

Friday's Trivia Question: Shirley, Keith, Danny, Chris & the missing family member

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