The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Tom Poston played George Utley on Newhart. He was the dimwitted handyman who took care of things

FIRST FOUR: Jim Wall, Gerald Piscopo, Bill McLaughlin & Maryellen Papanicolaou

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5 Modern Family-ABC 5.5/14.2

X Factor-FOX 3.3/9.4

Neighbors-ABC 3.3/9.2

Criminal Minds-CBS 3.1/11.5Kristy Carruba

Survivor-CBS 3.0/10.1

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

X Factor-FOX 622,497

Modern Family-ABC 150,922

Law & Order NBC 137,730

Criminal Minds-CBS 76,152

Revenge-ABC 62,471

Wednesday's Cable Top 5

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo-TLC 1.4/2.7

South Park-Comedy Central 1.0/1.8

The Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/1.9

American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9

Challenge: Battle Seasons-MTV .8/1.7

Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo-TLC 164,435 (59% Negative & 27% Positive)

South Park-Comedy Central 74,617

Top Chef Masters-Bravo 33,926

Key & Peele-Comedy Central 26,814

Ghost Hunters-Syfy 23,983

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 9/17-9/21


Nightline .8/3.5

The Daily Show .8/1.8

Tonight Show .7/3.1

Colbert Report .6/.9

Letterman .6/2.9

Jimmy Kimmel .5/1.7

Conan .4/.9

Jimmy Fallon .4/1.5

Craig Ferguson .3/1.2

Carson Daly .3/.9

Morning Show Ratings for the Week of 9/17-9/21


Today Show-1.4/1.6


Ratings note: At 8pm, X Factor beat Survivor on the demo (3.3 vs. 3.0) but Survivor beat X Factor in Total Viewers (10.1 vs. 9.4)

-Neighbors had a HUGE drop off from the Modern Family lead in losing 40% of its audience...even so...a 3.3 with 9.2 million viewer is pretty good...let's see what happens next week. Sort of bummed that Guys with Kids didn't do so well with a 1.6 but betting that number goes up when C3 ratings are released.

X+Factor-It was the final night of auditions on the X Factor last night and bit of a freak show too. On Wednesday night the show left us in suspense with the story of Trevor Moran, a 13 year old kid who passed out while waiting to audition. He was apparently just nervous and dehydrated but then when he actually made it out on stage to perform "I'm Sexy & I Know It" he shocked everyone. The song SO didn't go with his look at all. It was so odd, but yet...sort of enjoyable and of course he was put through. Another young guy named Owen Stewart was next to audition, Britney and I didn't love him but the audience, LA, Demi and Simon seemed to, so he also made it through...who knew I would agree with Britney on something? We definitely don't agree on clothes, make-up and hair, but on Owen Stewart, we were on the same page. Freddie Combs weighed how much? Let me do the math...he weighed 920 lbs, lost 380 lbs so that makes him 540 lbs. He couldn't even stand up to perform, but ironically, the audience stood for him in the form of a standing ovation. The judges gave him 4 yes's...I think America will have a tough time with Freddie, but we'll see. The weekly "No" montage was next. Following the "No's" was 16 year old Lauren Jaueregui who sang a fave of mine...Alicia Keys "If I Aint Got You" and knocked it out of the park...fave of the night for me...chills...watched her audition twice. 4 yes's...yeah. 12 year old Jordyn Foley came out and sang "Tomorrow" from Annie. I couldn't stand her, the song, the outfit, none of it. She got to the audience and everyone but Simon (and me) so unfortunately, I have to see her perform again. Great.

-I learned that the show Treme (which I don't watch) on HBO is pronounced Tre-may not Treeem on last night's episode of Glee. In addition to that lightbulb moment, I totally forgot that Sarah GleeJessica Parker was doing Glee this season. Perfect role for her...editor of, where Kurt now works part time. SJP (who has been working on her biceps since leaving Sex in the City) is Carrie Bradshaw forever to me, but before she was Carrie she was Annie on Broadway which made her performance of "Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile/The Way You Look Tonight" even more enjoyable. Are you guys noticing that McKinley and all that's going on there just isn't as interesting as everything going on in NYC with Kurt & Rachel? Mr. Schuster leaving to go work in politics & Britney/Artie vs. Blaine/Sam for school president...booooring. Rachel and Brody dancing all over NYC was fun and all I wanted them to do was kiss...they finally do and SPOILER ALERT: Finn shows up...whhha whaaa.

Parks+%26+Recreation-Parks & Rec was really a great episode last night. Truly laugh out loud funny. From Leslie's obsession with the soft drink industry to Chris Trager's (aka Rob "perfect hair" Lowe) training Andy for the Police hilarity. You just need to watch it, I can't explain it here...but if you won't watch this clip:

-In yesterday's blog, I mentioned Jerry Seinfeld's appearance on my FBFFJimmy Fallon's show. This is a hilarious clip that occurred during the commercial break. A WWTM reader sent it to me...THANK YOU...I was laughing like a hyena at my desk while I was watching it.

-Starting this Fall, The CW is going to be the first network to use Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings, which will provide advertisers with true delivery of online demographic impressions, reach, frequency and GRPs to help guarantee ad buys for all of their online ad campaigns. I'm pretty interested in this stuff, especially on the CW since their programming does skew to the younger demos who watch their programming when & where they want it more than the average. The CW is going to make their programming available online faster than the other nets. 164 Million American's streamed nearly 27.3 billion videos in August 2012

  • This amounts to 7 hours per viewer
  • Of course YouTube leads the pack with 138.2 million monthly unique viewers followed by Vevo, Yahoo, AOL and Facebook.
  • The Top Online video sites were: You Tube, Vevo, Hulu AOl and ESPN
  • The Top Online sites in terms of total time spent viewing were: Netflix (10 hours and 25 minutes), YouTube, Hulu, GorillaVid, and Ustream.

And, last but not least...the season finale of Jerry's Comedian's in Cars Getting Coffee. This episode was a bit different than the rest. Jerry had Michael "Kramer" Richards on so it was a bit out there and then a bit sad. For those of you that can't access via the link, you can watch all of the episodes if you visit

Friday's Trivia Question: What was the name of the handyman character's name on The Facts of Life's and what was the actor's name that played him?

Not sure what you are planning to watch this Sunday, but there are a TON of amazing shows premiering, so let me know...I'm curious who's watching what!

Have a great weekend!

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