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The Answer to Friday’s Trivia Question: "We Are Young" by FUN won the 2012 Grammy for Song of the Year. The song of the year goes to the composer/writer. Record of the year goes to the artist/producer/engineer. I know there is confusion in general.

First Fives: Bill McLaughlin, Mike O'Dea, John Romeo, Phyllis DiCesare and Daniel Block

Honorable Mention: Monica Caraffa

The Numbers

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

American Idol-FOX 3.3/12.1
Big Bang Theory-CBS 2.9/12.7
The Crazy Ones-CBS 2.4/9.7
The Millers-CBS 1.9/8.8
Rake-FOX 1.7/7.0
Just a note on Parenthood at 10pm. It won its time period with a 1.3.

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Pawn Stars-History 1.4/5.1
Appalachian Outlaws-History 1.0/2.9
NBA Basketball-TNT 1.0/2.6
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.7
Law & Order SVU 1.0/3.2

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
The Vampire Diaries-CW 214,200 Tweets
American Idol-FOX 44,900 Tweets
Community-NBC 31,200 Tweets
Parks & Recreation-NBC 14,900 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC 2,600 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Shark Tank-ABC 2.2/8.1
20/20-ABC 1.9/8.3
Bones-FOX 1.8/7.4
Grimm-NBC 1.5/5.8
Dateline-NBC 1.4/7.2

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings

WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy 36,300 Tweets
The Carrie Diaries-CW 8,200 Tweets
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon-5,900 Tweets
20/20-ABC 5,400 Tweets
Tonight Show with Jay Leno-2,200 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the week of 1/13/14-1/17/14

Leno .9/4.0

Fallon .7/2.1 Guess his primetime special got him some viewers! YEAH JF!!!

Letterman .6/2.9

Kimmel .6/2.5

The Daily Show .6/1.5

Colbert .5/1.2

Nightline .4/1.5

Ferguson .4/1.4

Conan .4/.8

Carson .3/.9

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 1/13/14-1/17/14
GMA 1.9/2.3
Today 1.8/2.1
CBS This AM .8/1.0

Top 5 DVR'ed shows for the week of 1/6/14-1/12/14
Big Bang Theory -CBS From a 5.7 to a 8.0 (+40%)
Modern Family-ABC From a 3.5 to a 5.6 (+60%)
Elementary-CBS From a 2.0 to a 3.5 (+75%)
New Girl-FOX From a 1.6 to a 3.1 (+94%)
S.H.I.E.L.D.-ABC From a 2.2 to a 3.6 (+64%)

E!'s Grammys Red Carpet Coverage

  • Ed Sheerhan must need SPF 1000 Sunscreen. That guy's gotta burn just going to take out the garbage. Pretty sure he's still taking his own garbage out he looks like a guy who would.
  • John Legend and Chrissy Teigen looked gorgeous together. I wonder how one decides to add a microbraid to the hairdo. How do they even do that?
  • Giuliana had the Olive Oyl thing going on big time.
  • Kaycee Musgraves dress could have been better and the bun looked like she just spun it herself 5 minutes before she got to the Red Carpet. Not sure why E! felt the need to revisit Kaycee's annoyed face when she didn't win at the CMA's.
  • Kelly Osbourne's Grammy Mani was soooo cool, but THAT mani wasn't featured in the mani cam. HOW STUPID!!!
  • Imagine Dragons in the house! They don't look like their music. Does that make sense?
  • Austin Mahone needs a makeover. Trouble is I think he's had one already so actually, his makeover needs a makeover.
  • Sara Hyland's dress was really cute, but she would've worn her hair down.
  • Paris Hilton looked beautiful, her dress was sick but I bet her Mom and her Aunts were freaking out about her "friends" Birdman and Jermaine.
  • Kelly Osbourne's Dad, Ozzy, was with Giuliana. Cute to see Kelly and Ozzy sort of together.
  • Sara Barellis had more than macrobraids, she had messy fat braids that were supposedly inspired by Katniss Everdeens.
  • No idea who Bonnie McKee is. Didn't like her dress or hair but she did remind me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Miguel is super sexy and he has THE most perfect teeth.
  • Ringo and Barbara, with Peace and Love, were on the Red Carpet with Ryan Seacrest. They looked pretty good.
  • Congratulations to Kathy Griffin for winning her first Grammy for best comedy album. I know she makes fun of Ryan Seacrest in her act, but Ryan was a good sport about it with her.
  • Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars were looking like they were finally in the right place.
  • Ariana Grande needs to start dating Derek Jeter. I think he'd like her. Worse comes to worse she'd get a great parting gift basket
  • Pharrell was wearing a Dudley Dooright hat. Hope you all have heard his awesome "Happy" song. If not here's the link:
  • Kendrick Lamar's suit was the same color as my bedroom.
  • Ciera is a gorgeous pregnant person
  • Wiz Khalifa told Giuliana that his recording tip is to stay "medicated" She had no idea how to react to that.
  • Giuliana almost forgot about the stupid Mani Cam when Rita Ora stopped by and she actually had some crazy rings and nails. One question...who is Rita Ora? I gotta Google her.
  • Hated...HATED...Katy Perry's dress and the Bundt pan hair
  • Keith Urban shouldn't part his hair in the middle anymore, it's time for a change Keith.
  • Pink rules. I didn't love her dress, but I love her so much that I would never ever diss her.
  • Madonna looked like a grill wearing Amish Annie Hall with a Michael Jackson hand splash. Where were Rocco and Lola? How'd David get dibs on the Grammy's?
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis...I JUST listened to The Heist in its entirety this weekend. It's SO damn good.
  • The following people could fit in someones pocket: Kevin Hart, Ariana Grande, Hunter Hayes & Ryan Seacrest
  • Robin Thicke brought his Daddy with him to The Grammy's and had NO IDEA whose suit he was wearing
  • Anna Farris still looks like a ghost to me
  • Does Mark Anthony REALLY need those sunglasses on all the time?
  • Taylor Swift...super skinny, super tall...if she was super quiet and super still, you might have mistaken her for an Oscar statuette
  • NPH IN THE HOUSE with some great tips for getting glitter off you if...Fed Ex labels which you can apparently get free at your local Fed Ex store
  • Do you think Dave Grohl owns a hairbrush? That's the first thing I think of every singe time I see him.
  • Cyndi Lauper was the first person that Giuliana did not comment on her look because she looked HIDEOUS
  • Jamie Foxx's daughter was beautiful. I'm not a fan of Jamie's at all, Not sure why, he just bugs me
  • Not sure if they were zebra heads or lion heads on Paula Patton's dress, but they looked like they were about to take a bite out of her boobs didn't they?


  • Beyonce's HOT...super HOT. Jay-Z should take his wife home in that outfit and go make Blue Ivy's sister or brother Purple Rhododendren. 3 bleeps in the performance can you imagine how many bleeps at home?
  • Sucks to sit behind the Daft Punk dudes with those helmets
  • Yoko and Sean NOT sitting with Paul and Ringo...could it be that Sean's now Amish?
  • JULIE AND LES in the HOUSE. Ya think Les has a clue who Daft Punk is?
  • Great opening LL. Music is powerful .
  • Anna Kendrick & Pharrell Dooright-Anna's showing some mega cleavage
  • Best New Artist -Macklemore & Ryan Lewis YEAHHHHHHHH and they got a standing O AND Kacey Musgraves made the same CMA's "I didn't win" face.
  • Lorde-was creepy and awesome and seemed to have tiger paws for hands
  • Hunter Hayes...I fell in love with him a while ago. Hope you now love him too. He's only 22 years old. Can you imagine if he and Taylor Swift got together. He'd need a step ladder to kiss her good night but they'd write some really good relationship letters to each other.
  • The Ghost and Juanes
  • Best Pop Duo or Group Performance-" Get Lucky"-Daft Punk Anna didn't know what to do...kiss the helmets, don't kiss the helmets. The robots don't speak so Pharrell Dooright handled the words for them.
  • Steve Coogan?
  • Katy Perry in a scary snowglobe singing "Dark Horse" with a light up crucifix bra. I'm thinking Madonna may have sold that in a garage sale. Amazing horse and some pretty talented dancers that Jay-Z and Beyonce may have taken home for their baby making fun.
  • Chicago and Robin Thicke. Huge Chicago fan. My wedding song was "Just You and Me". Okay, I'm not positive, but I think Peter Cetera who was THE VOICE of Chicago, and left the band did perform, but I'm honestly not sure. Great performance.
  • Keith Urban's hair STILL bothers me. It really needs something. I'm surprised Nicole hasn't done something about it. Pretty talented guitarist regardless of hair issues.
  • OMG I love that John Legend song! He wrote it and sang it for his now wife, Chrissy Teigen. You could see her in the back ground thinking..."That's my guy and THAT's my song!"
  • Best Rock Song presented by Kevin Hart and Uncle Charlie. Sorry...not a clue who Uncle Charlie is. Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney and Sheriff Chris Novocelic took home the Grammy. Dave's SO rock-n-roll isn't he? Black jeans, black old ratty t-shirt, gum chewing, dirty unbrushed about keeping in real.
  • Did you see how nice James Hetfield of Metallica looked? I wonder what he's thinking when Taylor Swift is playing her songs. She did kick ass. Was that song about Harry Styles? The scarf reference has me thinking maybe.
  • P!nk was back spinning above the crowd. I saw her live and she's unbelievable. She can spin and sing and dance. She's mega strong and mega talented. If you ever have the opportunity to see it. Nate Ruess joined P!nk for their song "Just Give Me a Reason" normally they sing via a recording. Nice to see it live.
  • Best Pop Solo Performance : Lorde and her tiger paws for "Royals" Standing O from the crowd
  • I'm a Mastercard customer...does that mean Justin Timberlake may come to my house too?
  • Ozzy and Black Sabbath...nice to see them still standing
  • I love Ringo and I love "Photograph" but I wonder if Sir Paul was singing along. They didn't show him at all. I mean " Maybe I'm Amazed"..."Photograph" not even in the same ballpark
  • Best Rap/Sung Collaboration -"Holy Grail"-Jay-Z/Justin win. Betting a photo of Blue Ivy actually sipping out that Grammy is imminent
  • Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons performed together. Taylor Swift and her bud up in the front row. Yoko and Sean were probably thinking they had decent seats til then. Love seeing everyone up and singing. Incredible performance.
  • Kacey Musgraves had to follow that? Light up boots and the fringes from my Grandma's curtains couldn't compete.
  • Brilliant Pepsi Half-Time Show
  • Julia Roberts...what's the connection to her and The Beatles? Nice boobs either way Julia
  • Paul and Ringo together again. "Queenie" is a fun song. Was that Joe Walsh hanging out with Paul's wife Nancy? Nice to see Yoko and Sean up dancing. Keep in mind...Yoko's 80!!!
  • Hideous dress Gloria Estefan
  • Producer of the Year: Pharrell Dooright
  • Best Pop/Vocal Album: Bruno Mars! Yeah!
  • During Willie Nelson, Kris and Blake, I played Candy Crush (level 301)
  • Zac Brown and Martina McBride presented Best Country Album
  • Best Country Album: Kaycee Musgraves. Finally she doesn't have to use her loser face cause she's a winner!
  • NPH that's it...NPH
  • Daft Punk, Pharrell Dooright, Stevie Wonder and Nile Rogers performed. The robot guys are intriguing and I love LeFreak! Isn't it hot inside those helmets? Steven Tyler doing the Travolta moves killed me
  • Cyndi OYYYYYY the red headed bat outfit has to go
  • Carole King and Sara Barellis stripped down and unplugged...just pianos and voices...I got chills from them. Carole's 71. Not bad huh?
  • Song of the Year: Royals by Lorde
  • Jared obsessed
  • Metallica and Long Long the pianist performed "One" no words
  • Steven Tyler got everyone to sing "You Really Got a Hold On Me" which made Smokey smile
  • Record of the Year: Daft Punk, Pharell Dooright and Nile Rogers. Robots let Pharrell do the talking again.
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert performed "Same Love" I got chills the second I heard the piano intro. 33 couples...all kinds of couples were wed. Hoping Queen Latifah got her online ordination degree or whatever...and then...Madonna the prospector came out to help celebrate. I'm not doing it justice at all. I had chills, I had tears and I was lost for words.
  • On a side note...what's up with Madonna? There's something right? The ultra plastic face? What is it?
  • Congrats Kent Napenburger. I guess with all those choirs you don't have time for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills huh?
  • Memoriam...Candy Crush (still level 301)
  • Miranda Lambert had to give up carbs or something right?
  • Alicia Keys, Yoko and Olivia Harrison. Nice shot of Sir Paul chewing a big fat wad of gum. Stars...they're just like us.
  • Album of the Year: Daft Punk: Random Access Memories. That's bull. Guys that don't speak over "The Heist" No freaking way. Was there booooing? Paul Williams???
  • Nine Inch Nail, Queen of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl and Lindsay Buckingham was where I turned off the Grammy's and hit Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey
Thank GOD Mrs. Hughes finally told Mr. Bates about Anna. Of course he didn't believe that it wasn't Mr. Greene, the valet, and now he has that murder look, but at least Anna can move back to the cottage and get on with cleaning and attending and stuff. It was killing Mr. Bates and ME! The entire Mosby thing with Mr. Carson was awesome. Write the guy out already. Why did Matthew, Cybil and O'Brien have an easy time being written out and Mosby's STILL around? Enough already. First a mixer, then a sewing machine and now a refrigerator? OMG! Mrs. Patmore's going to lose her sh*t big time. More prospects for Mary on their way. Love how she invites EVERYONE to sleep over. I guess if you have 1000 rooms it's not a big deal to have people stay over. I hate Baxter already and I hate that her name is Baxter.


This is how sick and twisted my love/hate relationship is with Girls. I paused the Grammys to watch it. Yes, you're reading it right. I PAUSED the Grammys, one of my favorite award shows and what did I get? Lena Dunham's gross naked body. It would figure that Hannah's wacko book editor died and all she cared about was herself. At least Adam and Jessa pointed out how selfish and idiotic she was being. So why is it that her friends are so willing to tell her when she's being a selfish idiot but they don't tell her that her clothes don't fit and that every piece she owns is hideous? Who's more insane? Hannah, Laird or Caroline? Laird had a dead turtle carcass in a bottle. Caroline wore bloomers to the cemetery and told Hannah a made up story about Adam and his dead cousin that Hannah then used on Adam. Tie...they're all insane. Jessa's pal Season isn't dead. Not only was she not dead, but she's married, has a kid and is living in a brownstone. That pissed off Jessa. Marnie's video's still getting hits via Ray and Herman and she's still a mess, but everyone in Girls is a mess. Everyone...and I'm a mess for pausing the Grammy's to watch it.


Again I'd like to thank Showtime for taking a tiny bit of my Sunday stress away by making their Sunday night shows available on Sunday morning . Got to watch Episodes before leaving for Pilates yesterday. The new boss is out of his mind. He scheduled a meeting at 6AM and never showed then told Carol it was because he had to put his dog down. This guy’s insane...literally. How'd he get the job again? Sort of makes no sense, but maybe we'll find out at some point what made him get the gig over Carol. Who'd have thought we'd actually want Merc back? Castor wanted to cancel Pucks but Carol talked him out of it, mainly because she has one friend in the entire world and that's Beverly. She couldn't cancel her friend’s show. Carol needs to get some b*lls though, her waffley ways are starting to bug me. (New word: Waffley. Feel free to use it). Matt and Bev would've been happy if the show was cancelled though. Bev likes Carol but would head back to London in a heartbeat and Matt wants to go do Andrew Leslie's pilot. I'm assuming that Pucks won't be cancelled until Showtime cancels episodes. Oh...forgot one other thing. Sean's still can't get over Bev sleeping with Rob and Matt and now he can't perform at all. Just thought you'd want to know.

The Greatest Event in Television History

I don't know why I didn't know about this and I'm assuming none of you guys did either or SOMEONE would have told me. Over on Adult Swim, Adam Scott has been recreating shot for shot opening credits sequences of 80's TV shows. So far there have been four of them and from what I've been reading, that could be it. Simon & Simon, Hart to Hart, Too Close for Comfort and my favorite Bosom Buddies have been brilliantly recreated. Even better is the mockumentary-style set up with the best guy for the job, Jeff Probst. If you have 11 1/2 minutes check this out. Two great cameos also. 10 points if you can name them.

60 Minutes
Had to watch the Jay Leno interview on 60 Minutes. Jay just comes off like such a numbskull. A doormat maybe, I don't even know. NBC didn't come off great either, but Jay's a tool. Finally got to hear Mavis speak. Now I know why he keeps her hidden in a garage somewhere. I was never a fan of Jay's, I never will be.


-Netflix added 2.3 million US streaming subscribers in 4Q. That brings their total US streaming subscribers to 31.7 million. WOW, that's pretty impressive especially because there is still quite a bit of room to grow those numbers. There's talk of another price increase, and I know that I b*tched about the last one, but from what I'm reading, it would only affect new subscribers and all of us current subs would be grandfathered in. Nothing's been finalized. I'll let you know when/if it is.

-Mork and Mindy reunion alert. Pam Dawber's going to be in an episode of The Crazy Ones starring her old pal, Robin Williams. I haven't seen Mindy lately. I'm thinking she's home counting Mark Harmon's NCIS dough and doesn't really need to do very much. They've been married for 26 years and we've never really heard anything at all about them.

-Gunnar from Nashville was on everything I watched this weekend. First he showed up in this week’s Episodes and then I watched the movie Runner Runner with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck (which was really pretty fun BTW) and there he was again. I've met him in real life and know he's British, but he had three different accents in three different roles. He's awesome.

Taking a TV trivia hiatus for the week. Special Superbowl Trivia Question Correspondent, James Gabriele, came through with some great Superbowl Trivia to celebrate the big game this Sunday. Here's question #1

Monday's SUPERBOWL Trivia Question: Which TWO television networks broadcast Superbowl No. 1?

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