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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Alexis Fragale talks about how audio tech can give you early access.

There was a lot of talk about the deals on this year's Amazon Prime Day.  Most notably, Amazon offered exclusive access to shoppers who used their voice capabilities.  These customers had access to sales two hours early and received offers that were exclusive to them.  There was no word on how many of them also bought an Instant Pot.

These days, people have embraced voice technology in areas like music streaming, virtual assistants and getting directions.  There's an opportunity for a lot more brands to follow Amazon's lead and offer exclusive incentives to early adopters.

But voice recognition isn't the only piece of audio tech for marketers to keep in mind!

Recently, Ticketmaster partnered with the company Lisner on a new ticketing system called Presence, which allows concert-goers to confirm their identity using audio data from their smart phone.  Presence receives an attendee's data through their phone's ultrasonic sound transmission to verify their ticket -- meaning you don't have to wait in line to scan a barcode, or get a physical ticket, allowing a more pleasant concert-going experience and reducing the risk of counterfeit tickets.  In the future, it could give venues opportunities to improve on other parts of events, like delivering beverages directly to your seat.

As both marketers and consumers, audio technology presents a lot that we can offer each other. Keep an eye -- or ear -- out for which companies are next to integrate it into their offerings.

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