DISH Media Sales, the advertising sales division of DISH, provides advertisers with intelligent solutions to efficiently maximize exposure across desired targets. Through a combination of innovative platforms, viewer measurement tools and access to entertainment’s most sought- after cable and over-the-top programming, advertisers can employ strategically positioned, demographically targeted buys that enhance their national media campaigns.

Every advantage matters. Period. An improvement here, a slight gain there. So we tenaciously pursue every possible edge, every single day. Based on a deep understanding of our subscribers, we mine and point our data to discover the nugget, that insight that breaks it open. Then we deliver it at the exact moment the target is most receptive.


Charlene Weisler

Charlene Weisler is a media research executive with expe...

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Adam Gaynor

Adam S. Gaynor is Vice President of DISH Media Sales, th...

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