In the era of the metaverse, there are multiple paths to marketing success; yet the road is fraught with over-reliance on large corporations, privacy missteps, fraud, mis-projected data, and an over-reliance on efficiency versus growth.

There are those who fear media fragmentation and technological advances, and then there are those who see the inherent strength in aggregated relevant reach and always allowing new players and technology to show their wares to keep innovation alive, the ecosystem democratic, and to keep the Goliaths in check. In the media metaverse, there are a myriad of possibilities and tools for brands to leverage for growth in value and sales, and it’s time to shine a light on those companies.

Please join Jeff Minsky, Lead Analyst and Editor of The Myers Report at MediaVillage, a 15 year veteran of Omnicom Media Group as Director of Emerging Media as he brings on the best and brightest futurists and thought-leaders from the companies of tomorrow to explain how they will bring about a better future for the marketing and advertising industry.  We look forward to see you in the Media Metaverse with Minsky.

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