2016 Is the Year of Local

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Several years ago, we conducted a study with Nielsen entitled The Localist. Key findings are still relevant today -- namely that Localists are news omnivores, devouring information when, where and how they want it!

The old adage "Think Global and Act Local" has never been more relevant.  2016 is a year chock full of reasons to advertise locally:

  • Grassroots political and advocacy campaigns
  • Oil prices are dropping, making it easier for families to drive to local tourism spots (family vacations are back!)
  • Small businesses are growing
  • Diseases such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease tend to be regionally skewed
  • Companies are consolidating and targeting their messaging to local communities
  • Crisis is local (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, food outbreaks)
  • Olympic advertisers will be honoring hometown heroes
  • And, the list goes on

There are plenty of media options out there that deliver "local." However, with local TV inventory tight in caucus, primary and swing state markets, advertisers will need to reconsider the targeting abilities and impact of their media mix.  The local media, like print, mobile and social newspaper platforms are often the first stop in delivering news, info and insights that engage and inform communities.

No one can dispute that in this new world order mobile is a key influencer, connecting communities, messaging and behavior.  Mobile is everywhere and ad dollars have followed. Why? Because community members trust local messaging; they care about what's going on around them (be it politics, events, business, community news, finance, sports) and they seek out local shopping deals.  Mobile just makes the exchange move more quickly, and advertisers understand this better than anyone.

Advertisements on newspaper sites in the top 25 DMAs reach a whopping 118.6 million adults 18+ -- which includes 68.0 million mobile exclusives (as measured by comScore, December, 2015). They also reach 45.8 million Millennials (age 18-34). With impact like that, local messaging is bound to be shared through a powerful connection.

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