A Mixed Reality Marketing Revolution Has Begun. Be Prepared!

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"We're at the tipping point of the mixed reality marketing revolution," says Manny Ruiz, co-creator with author Cathy Hackl of the Mixed Reality Marketing Summit, a groundbreaking one-day event on November 5 geared towards educating marketers and entrepreneurs on how to successfully enter and navigate the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) fields.  A select group of diverse speakers will gather at the National Geographic Experience in New York City to deliver tailor-made strategies and tools to navigate marketing in this expanding technological realm.  With featured guests like John Zuur Platten from Pokémon Go!, Facebook's Chris Barbour and Forbes columnist Charlie Finck, the speakers will run the gamut from corporate to creative, all offering unique perspectives on this evolving medium.

Hackl is an Emmy-nominated communicator, producer of virtual and augmented reality and a futuristic content creator.  Her book, Marketing New Realities -- released in 2017 and co-authored by Samantha Wolf -- was one of the first books to focus on how marketing will be impacted by this technology.  It generated a great deal of discussion and soon Hackl found herself invited to speak at events around the country.

When Hispanicize Media Group founder Ruiz, now co-founder of Mixed Reality Ventures, first heard Hackl speak at a conference, he knew right away that he wanted to collaborate with her.  "I'm just excited that the book gave birth in some way to this partnership and this event because I think that now is the moment for marketers to get involved, to understand how VR and AR, MR and XR are changing content," Hackl shared.  "It's going to change marketing.  It's going change so many things.  So, now's the time [for marketers] to kind of future-proof their career and this is one of those steps, this is one of the tools we're bringing to them through the event."

"What I want people to walk away with, marketers especially, is the understanding that content is expanding," Hackl explained.  "It's expanding beyond content that is 2D and flat to content that is 3D, 360, augmented, holographic -- content that's changing.  There are going be richer ways for us to tell stories and richer ways to connect."

"It's not just future-proofing your career," Ruiz added.  "It's future-proofing your brand.  Augmented reality and virtual reality will present new challenges and opportunities for marketers.  Now is the time for marketers to get educated on these immersive technologies and prepare themselves and the brands they represent for the next computing platform."

Ruiz is very clear on where Mixed Reality is going.  "I think you're going see tremendous boosts in consumer interest that are going change the way brands, media companies -- let's not forget them, major players -- and content creators themselves are producing this," he said.  "It'll be more and more practical.  We're very proud to bring this together with an exciting lineup that will show how content is about to become interactive in ways we could never imagine.  That's a very exciting thing."

MediaVillage is a sponsor of the Mixed Reality Marketing Summit.  The $399 Regular Pass includes access to all talks, as well as an e-book copy of Marketing New Realities.  The $599 VIP Pass includes a printed copy of Hackl's book, priority seating and access to video recordings of the talks.  Type "MediaVillage" into the discount code box when registering to receive a 30% discount.

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