Watch Now: MoffettNathanson's Michael Nathanson Joins Jack Myers - Economic Navigation Through the COVID-19 Fog

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It's a time of unease and uncertainty especially for those of us in the industry charged with forecasting the media marketplace. What seemed correct in April had to be reassessed in June and now, in July, the landscape continues to change. So I don't envy Michael Nathanson, Senior Research Analyst at MoffettNathanson, and MediaVillage's Jack Myers, who are charged with offering the media industry guidance in marketplace shifts and financial implications. Nathanson and Myers are joining this Thursday at 1pm ET for a follow-up Leadership Conversation to their first COVID-19 Impact report on April 15.  Topics to be covered include:

What About Sports? How will the lack of sports impact advertising revenue, network contracts, network performance and fans?

What About the Upfront, Scatter, Local, Digital, OOH? Will dollars come back into the marketplace? One thing is clear; the very foundations of certain business sectors are expected to be dramatically impacted. But by how much and for how long?

What About the Stock Market? The uncertainties of the media marketplace are translating into uncertainties in the stock market. Are there two tiers of equities – the frothy high performers who seem to defy gravity and the rest of the pack struggling to survive? MoffettNathanson is known for its market predictions. What are they forecasting for the next two quarters … and beyond?

What About e-Commerce and the Growth of Amazon, Walmart, and Target?WHAT ABOUT FACEBOOK?

What About Planning for the Future?Arguably the biggest issue in this discussion will be the impact of the pandemic on consumer confidence – from spending to attending - and on overall business optimism – from revenue to employees. What about second and third waves and opening up and shutting back down? The world is in flux but internal as well as external business decisions still need to be made. How can we best plan and even more important, how to grow?

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