Video: Is Content King? Kanefsky, Schmidt, Schwartz, Donchin, Jones

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Joining Jack Myers for the second year of the Legends & Leaders Video Series were Erica Schmidt, Global CEO, Cadreon, Lyle Schwartz, President of Investment, NA, GroupM US, Andrew Donchin, CIO, Dentsu Aegis Network, US, Louis Jones, EVP Media & Data Practice, 4As, and Jason Kanefsky, CIO, Havas. These senior executives joined Jack for a round table discussion about the forces impacting the media, marketing and advertising industries today. See the interview above. Watch the full series here.

The need for evolution in how we think about content, distribution and metrics was a key topic during the round table discussions. Lyle Schwartz advocated that it’s time to become platform agnostic regarding content. He said, “It’s not the distribution device that we’re most focused on.” Click here for his thoughts on how messaging should be conveyed.  

Finding the best audiences and utilizing data and analytics, was also top of mind for Erica Schmidt. Hear her take on audiences and success metrics.

Attribution was a sticking point for Jason Kanefsky. Click here for his POV on how “last click” skews the entire equation.

The most frustrating aspect of the business for Andy Donchin is the continued push for efficiency. To hear his thoughts on efficiency versus effectiveness, click here.

When Jack Myers questioned the participants on the attraction of new vs. legacy media, Kanefsky spoke of the power of great content and how “advertising cannot be the solution for these companies to survive.”

As they pondered the past, present and future of the industry, Lyle Schwartz said, “In this industry, if we’re fearful of moving ahead, we’re just going to fall behind…And if we’re not in touch with the consumer, our clients will be out of touch with the consumer.”

Then Schwartz brought up what once might have been considered a sci-fi only future: what happens when we have driverless cars? Click here to hear his vision.

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The Legends & Leaders Video Series was made possible by a generous grant from Warner Brothers Media Sales and is presented by Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange and MediaVillage.

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