“AGT” Favorites Oz Pearlman and Drew Lynch Advance to Finals

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Oz Pearlman (pictured above with judges Howard Stern and Heidi Klum) struck again this week, once again dismantling the judges on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and viewers at home.

His latest performance, in which he was able to identify beverages that Stern was consuming without seeing him, and then identified the exact drink that judge Mel B was fantasizing about (and the ingredients of an unidentified drink judge Howie Mandel was craving), would have knocked me flat, except like everything else I have seen this season on “AGT” it pales somewhat when compared to the act he performed the week before. That one was a stunner, even after seeing a spoiler video on YouTube that explained how it was done. The spoiler video did not diminish my appreciation for Pearlman’s stage presence or his masterful timing. (I have not yet located a video explaining how Pearlman knew what Stern was drinking and what Mel and Mendel were thinking.)

Here’s the act from this week’s show that propelled Pearlman -- known as Oz the Mentalist -- right into the “AGT” finals.


Also on “AGT” another of my favorites, comedian Drew Lynch, also learned that he is going on to the finals. Lynch, a charming young man with a very serious stutter, has boldly incorporated his disability into a funny comic act that has impressed millions of viewers. Like double-amputee Noah Galloway on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” before him, Lynch is pure inspiration and is single-handedly making the world a better place for those coping with any kind of physical challenge.

Watch Lynch’s latest routine below. It takes a while to get there, but the punchline is priceless.



And now a complaint: How in tarnation did voting viewers not generate enough support for video projection dance group Siro-A? More than any other act on “AGT” this season, including Oz the Mentalist, it seems to me that these talented young men from Japan belong on a Vegas stage. (A headline show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, plus a cool $1,000,000, is the grand prize package on this program.)

Watch this video and then explain to me why Siro-A was eliminated this week.




Here’s another one, just to strengthen my point. How did this happen?



The finalists this season so far, pictured left to right below, are Lynch, magician Derek Hughes, Pearlman, Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis (The Craig Lewis Band) and Benton Blount.




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