AOL Huffington Post Tops TV News Nets in Advertiser Survey

By The Myers Report Archives
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AOL Huffington Post outpaced eight broadcast and cable TV news organizations in the recent MyersBizNet advertiser/agency survey evaluating the organizations on seven attributes of value and sales organization performance. AOL Huffington Post ranked first in six of the seven performance measures, topped only by Bloomberg Media for Quality of Audience Demos Justifies Premium Pricing.

The MyersBizNet study included 75 national TV/video sales organizations in five categories, with more than 600 agency and advertiser executives responding. The categories evaluated in the MyersBizNet survey are:

TV news organizations included in the MyersBizNet survey included ABC News, BBC World News, Bloomberg Media, CNN, Fox News, NBCU Live (News), and The Weather Channel. AOL Huffington Post was included for benchmark purposes, in anticipation of increased TV and digital video integration in future MyersBizNet studies on advertisers' perceptions. The full report includes details on 22 distinct respondent groups.

Based on their perceptions, the advertiser and agency executives rated each organization (with which they have a business relationship) on seven performance attributes. Performance ratings are based on the percent of total respondents rating each news organization 4/5 (top two-box).

In the next weeks, Premium Underwriters of MyersBizNet's MediaVillage sales support program will receive reports providing in-depth results incorporating rankings among 22 individual respondent groups (responsibility, geographic location, demographic targets, industry category and respondent gender). Custom analytics and strategic recommendations will be provided in personal meetings with Jack Myers that are now being scheduled. Premium underwriters may contact Maryann Teller at to confirm scheduling.

*Bloomberg Media rates #1

SOURCE: MyersBizNet TomorrowToday 2016 Survey of Agency & Advertiser Perceptions. 8 News TV & Video Sales Organizations. Survey conducted online in November/December 2015. 613 respondents. Detailed methodology has been provided to underwriting companies. Organizations are rated on a 1-5 scale for each performance attribute only by respondents who self-identify as having a business relationship with the organization.

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