B2B Gratitude Platform Thnks Launches Its First Video Ad Campaign

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Thnks, the gifting platform synonymous with gratitude and appreciation in business, is embarking on the launch of its first ever brand advertising campaign, Small Gestures, utilizing traditional local TV, CTV and online video. The campaign will have its initial launch in their home market of Nashville, TN, and could see potential national roll-out pending the local market results.

Over the past few years, we have been transformed as a society by the pandemic and technological advancements. We’ve created new paradigms that have permanently reshaped both work environments and the way that companies and their clients communicate and conduct business. For managers with large remote teams where the day-to-day physical presence is minimal, a small, regular gesture of appreciation can be a catalyst to bonding, leading to better productivity. An unexpected expression of gratitude for a job well done can raise self-esteem and morale immeasurably.

One of the silver linings of our collective experience over the past few years is that we have, for the most part, become a kinder, more self-aware business world that values, more than ever, the importance of saying thank you and showing gratitude to both our own internal teams and valued clients. We have recognized how precious life is and how important people in our professional lives are to us. Small Gestures, as the new brand campaign is themed, allows the work-world to actively demonstrate that enhanced awareness we all now have.

Thnks was established in 2016 and has seen tremendous success and growth since its inception. The B2B relationship building tool is currently used by over 7,500 teams and 70 Fortune 500 companies. The Thnks platform provides everyone from managers to CEOs with a simple way to show gratitude, whether it be a cup of coffee, a meal, a spa day, dinner and a movie, or other appropriate gestures for the enterprise. One unique aspect of Thnks is its compliance/budget adherence tool which, where available, allows the process to adhere to corporate gifting policies. If an expression of gratitude exceeds allowable parameters set by the organization, the gifter is notified before the transaction is complete.

For our advertising and media industry, where the hybrid work model is predominant and gifting has been a traditional part of the ecosystem after deals have been consummated, the Thnks platform is a valuable tool for finance and other constituents to have a better view of spend and control adherence to gifting policies.

Another small but incredibly effective element that Thnks embraces is a follow-up email that the recipient receives after getting the gift that allows them send a "Thank You" reply back to the gifter. This is an effective way of allowing the sender organization a way to learn about preferences for future gifting.

Media agency veteran Kevin Howard, who did stints at IPG, OMD and Horizon Media, now serves as Thanks' SVP, Customer Experience. He believes that now is the appropriate time to extend beyond their previous media strategy of email and B2B marketing and to test a broader approach. "Now that Thnks has grown exponentially, we understand and value the critical importance of building our brand," he says. "We recognize it's time to amplify the brand message to reach an even wider audience. Simply put, we find that when people are aware of Thnks, they love Thnks."

The 25- day campaign will launch with two video spots -- New Mom and Plant Lady -- that illustrate just a couple of the use-occasions that are appropriate for gifting. The New Mom spot leans into the empathy that a work colleague feels while a New Mom is trying to focus on work while her newborn cries in the background. Plant Lady demonstrates gratitude for being a partner for growth over several years. Both spots close with the tagline "Grow Your Business with Gratitude." The ads were developed in partnership with GI Inc, a local creative shop in Franklin, TN. Nate Griffin was Executive Producer.

The spots will run across local media outlets such as WKRN (ABC), WTVF (CBS), WZTV (Fox) and WSMV (NBC). Online video outlets targeted to Nashville residents include YouTube, Hulu, discovery+, CNBC and more. Digital channels such as paid search, social, display and CRM will also support the campaign.

The media and advertising industries have historically been very good at showing gratitude, especially to external clients. In this post-pandemic era, gratitude is now something that is more obviously embedded in who we are and the new model of work. This is fundamental to Thnks. "Unleashing the power of gratitude in recognition of customers and employees is at the core of what we do," says Co-Founder and CEO Brendan Kamm. "Our new campaign speaks to this mission and reinforces our brand and our platform as the go-to for gratitude and recognition."

Thanks to Thnks that process is now simple. And it has a successful video brand advertising campaign prompting many, many more small gestures reinforcing the heightened business culture of gratitude.

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