Back in Vogue: Creativity and Innovation

By The Myers Report Archives
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For the better part of the last decade, The Myers Report has observed a trend toward the calculable, as agencies have annually prioritized data and analytic capabilities as primary decision factors in their media buying and planning processes. With every asset tagged and every potential consumer tracked, reaching the right consumer in the right context at the right time has necessarily become a streamlined, automated process. The Holy Grail of media operations has been achieved -- infinite consumer connections with minimal waste.

Emerging from the pandemic, however, The Myers Report has uncovered a seismic shift in agency perspectives. In its large-scale survey of over 2500 ad supported media professionals last summer, innovation and creativity emerged as leading criteria in agency planning and buying decision factors. Two years ago (2019 Study), these criteria were 5th in importance behind relevant reach, trust, brand-safe environments and data and analytics capabilities.



Not only did Innovation and Creativity outrank every other decision factor in aggregate, but it also topped the list for every demographic group and entity measured in the Summer 2022 study. Greater differences were seen between and among demographics and entities for the 2nd and 3rd most important variables. (Request the full report here.)

While automation and artificial intelligence offer greater opportunities to manage media process and placement, advertisers and their agency partners need strategic media partnerships and creative opportunities to align brand objectives with content that can break through. Winning ideas not only differentiate brands from brands in the consumer mindset, but agencies from agencies in the marketer mindset. Media sales professionals now have a unique opportunity to be cultural currency sherpas, helping their agency and marketer clients to navigate and activate the rich fan bases that have been cultivated by their media brands.

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