Barry Frey Chats with Ann G. Rubin of IBM

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Barry Frey, who as President and CEO of DPAA will be hosting the 10th annual Video Everywhere Summit on November 1 in New York City, recently interviewed some of the event's featured speakers on a variety of topics.  The following is his chat with Ann G. Rubin, Vice President, Branded Content and Global Creative, IBM.

Barry Frey:  What media do you consume on a daily basis?

Ann Rubin:  I watch morning TV news (CNBC), plus digital news sites such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNN.  Plus, I track social media (Twitter, Instagram) and sites like the Skimm and Quartz.

Frey:  What are the biggest changes you foresee in the world of brand marketing over the next few years?

Rubin:  I see the increased need for personalization and the greater need for B2B companies to act like B2C companies in terms of ease of use, speed, access and transparency.

Frey:  What's on the horizon for IBM?

Rubin:  We have some interesting branded content programs on the horizon -- two that I'll be able to talk about by the time the Summit rolls around!

Frey:  Are you utilizing digital out-of-home and, if so, how?

Rubin:  Yes, in airports for "event surround."  Also in high-impact places like Times Square for brand campaigns.  We are working on some new digital OOH using Watson for increased real-time personalization.

Frey:  What is your favorite recently downloaded app?

Rubin:  Most recently it's White Noise.  I love the wave, and it's great for traveling!  Another one I just downloaded is Out of the Line, which secures your place in line at certain tourist attractions and tells you when to arrive.  And of course, I enjoy the U.S. Open app.  The IBM Cloud brings the U.S. Open app to fans around the world so they can individualize their experience with real-time data and insights.

Frey:  Tell us a bit about your upcoming speaking appearance at the Video Everywhere Summit.

Rubin:  I will talk about how IBM is enabling a broad audience to understand and experience Watson.

Frey:  What is your favorite television show?

Rubin:  Game of Thrones. It's not even my favorite genre but I'm hooked.

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