Barry Frey Chats with Paul Woolmington of Canvas Worldwide

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Barry Frey, who as President and CEO of DPAA will be hosting the 10th annual Video Everywhere Summit on November 1 in New York City, recently interviewed some of the event's featured speakers on a variety of topics.  The following is his chat with Paul Woolmington, CEO, Canvas Worldwide.      

Barry Frey:  What media do you consume on a daily basis?

Paul Woolmington:  I am a news junkie, so everything from my Apple News feed -- ever customized to my go-to sources.  Other sources:,,,,,,,,,

Frey:  What are the biggest changes you foresee for the advertising business over the next few years?

Woolmington:  Every business model in media and marketing is up for grabs in this new age over the next few years.  Notable changes include the integration of two sometimes opposing belief systems in media and marketing -- performance vs. brand. How do we get the scientist and the faith-based in the same room to recognize each other's point of view?  The integration of AI into more aspects of our business.  The evolution of the definition of "creative" in a multi-layered content and ever-increasing analytics-driven business.  The growth of digital place-based opportunities.  It will be interesting to see how they come together as a category and provide consumer with real benefits.

Frey:   What is your favorite recently downloaded app?


  • Night Sky: humbles me every time I use it looking up at the night sky.
  • Tune-in Radio: centralizes my radio listening, especially podcasts and news.
  • Amazon/Waze/Lyft/Uber: genius utilities transforming behavior forever.
  • Lonely Planet Guides: As a travel junkie, I no longer carry guide books/maps.
  • BBC News: My go-to for a relatively objective world view and outside-in view of the USA.

Frey:  Tell us a bit about the panel ("How Brands Add Value Today") you will be moderating at the Video Everywhere Summit.

Woolmington: The plan is to step outside our comfort zone alongside brand and media marketer Mark Ingall from Citibank and leading author of Good is the New Cool Bobby Jones to discuss the role of brands today in culture and society.  How can they be more purposeful?  How do they best connect that purpose to culture and pop culture in particular?  How does the media connect and facilitate this?  There will be case studies (including Citibank and others).  A lively discussion is sure to ensue.

Frey:  What is your favorite television show?

Woolmington: Mr. Robot

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