Brands, Retailers and Omnichannel Marketing in a Post-COVID World Along with Newsmakers and Broadway Live

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Next week's October 11 DPAA Video Everywhere Summit -- "Digital Fast Forward" -- is a master class on what media and marketing executives need to know about advertising and consumer engagement today and in the near future. The Summit program showcases the growing role of digital out of home advertising (DOOH) in today's omnichannel mix as well as the power of digital screens outside the home and innovations and transparency in programmatic.

Brand leaders will talk about how they lead their teams and navigate the complexities of a post-COVID marketing sector.

Diego Vaccarezza, Vice President of Enterprise Media at CVS will talk about the critical role the company played supporting Americans during COVID. He will discuss the roles of marketing and advertising in transforming the consumer experience in health care and the company's sophisticated approach to engaging with consumers. He'll also speak about how critical marketing is regarding the company's purpose.

Invite job candidates to apply live during the Media and Advertising Community's Black Talent Outreach Week at and October 17-20. Apply for jobs/submit your resume here.


While Vaccarezza will talk about consumers IRL (in real life), Adidas' Vice President of Global Marketing will tell the audience of brands, agencies, media and press about engaging GenZ in their playground of choice -- the Metaverse. Erika Wykes-Sneyd will talk about how and why the brand entered the Metaverse, their learnings and successes and the future outlook of marketing in the Metaverse will be discussed.

While Adidas looks at GenZ, Kristin Patrick, CMO of Claire's and Paul Woolmington, CEO of Canvas will talk about how they engage with Gen ZAlpha. Gen ZAlpha -- a term coined by Claire's and Canvas -- covers the overlap between Gen Z and Gen Alpha. This demo commands $360 billion in disposable income and could be key for companies looking to make the transition from retailer brand. Everyone will learn new ways to reaching this highly desired group.



The nature of grocery shopping changed during the pandemic and at the DPAA Summit, FreshDirect's Vice President of Brand Marketing, Katie Zapata, will share insights from a partnership with OUTFRONT Media and Quan to leverage shoppable OOH to engage with commuters across New York. The campaign integrated e-commerce within brand recipe videos and dynamic ads that changed creative, based on the weather forecast.

Marketing today's business landscape can prove challenging. That's why we are so excited to have Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer at Yahoo! talking about Microsoft's overall marketing strategy and how their creativity and brand has evolved. She'll address the complexity of technology in marketing today and ways to better manage and simplify this.

All this, plus BBC lead journalist Katty Kay on the state of democracy and two smash hit numbers from the Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown. We look forward to seeing you in just about a week at the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit -- Digital Fast Forward. For more information and to register click here.

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