Capitalizing on the Movie WOM Influence of the Univision Audience

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“The power of word of mouth is truly unmatched in terms of consumer influence in the market place,” said my colleague Roberto Ruiz in our recent Hispanic 411 webinar The Big Mouths: How Hispanics are Powering Word of Mouth (WOM). The movie business is a prime example of how WOM can shape results for clients. After all, Hollywood estimates box office results by measuring and tracking conversations around upcoming releases. The amount of buzz leading up to a film can spell major box office results and, according to research, Hispanics are responsible for a disproportionate amount of that movie buzz.

Talk Track from the Keller Fay Group reveals that Hispanics are more likely to talk about movies every day. The key for movie marketers is to become part of this consumer conversation and to do so with “contagious” content. Targeting an audience that is likely to share is equivalent to enlisting an army of social influencers, encouraging your brand’s word of mouth to take off.

Talk Track’s research shows that the Univision audience is inclined to talk -- a lot. Univision viewers are 26% more likely than the total population to talk about theatrical releases. Nearly 70% are speaking positively about a movie and 60% are compelled to pass along what they hear. The majority is also compelled to act on what they’ve heard -- in this case, that means hitting the box office.

Done right, catering your marketing messages to an engaged audience that is eager and willing to share creates can lead to a WOM frenzy your next release can capitalize on all the way to the box office.

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