Watch Now: “Confronting Ageism in Media and Advertising”: Dychtwald, Feldman, Reinhard, Hubbell Join Jack Myers Leadership Conversation

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Why should the future of media, advertising and entertainment spending be focused on the Baby Boomer generation (born 1943-1966)? What are the economic opportunities for marketers? What should and must be done to combat agism in media planning? These questions and more were discussed Tuesday, September 22, when Jack Myers, founder of MediaVillage and, hosts a Leadership Conversation on Confronting Ageism in Media and Advertising: Why Boomer Marketing Is Booming. The panel includes Ken Dychtwald, CEO at Age Wave; Susan Feldman, founder of In the Groove; Peter Hubbell, CEO of BoomAgers; and Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus at DDB Worldwide. Watch it Now!

"For decades, marketers have focused on younger generations, ignoring anyone 55 and over," says Myers. "While brand marketers target the Boomer audience, media buying remains locked into artificial and non-transparent economic deceit. Boomers control the largest concentration of personal wealth, yet there is clear conscious bias in targeting less valuable audiences. This Leadership Conversation with four of the most highly respected experts in their fields should be considerably eye-opening to marketers, agency leaders and media companies who fail to appropriately address ageism. Find out why businesses shouldn't continue to ignore this large and growing market."

Dr. Ken Dychtwald is a psychologist, gerontologist and best-selling author of 17 books on aging-related issues, including What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age, a book representing a long-time collaboration between authors Ken Dychtwald and Robert Morison. (For an excerpt go to Since 1986, Ken has been the founder and chief executive officer of Age Wave, a firm created to guide companies and government groups in product/service development for Boomers and mature adults.

Susan Feldman is the founder of In the Groove and co-founder of One Kings Lane, a go-to destination for home and interior design shopping for millions of people. Susan is passionate about shining a light on the talent, beauty, vibrancy and genius of age-defying women and creating a community that celebrates and engages the female gender.

Peter Hubbell is founder and chief executive officer of BoomAgers, the world's leading ad agency dedicated to understanding aging consumers, as well as a columnist for MediaVillage ("The Age of Aging"). He is also the author of two award-winning books in his Age of Aging series — The Old Rush: Marketing for Gold in the Age of Aging and Getting Better with Age: Improving Marketing in the Age of Aging.

Creative advertising legend Keith Reinhard is chairman emeritus of DDB Worldwide. He was responsible for McDonald's "You Deserve a Break Today" and for the Big Mac tongue twister, "Two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions, on a sesame seed bun." He also penned State Farm's long-running theme, "Just Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There." Under Reinhard's leadership, more than 100 DDB agencies around the world have won "agency of the year" recognition for the excellence of their creative output. Reinhard and his team took an early and active interest in new and emerging media, creating Tribal DDB, which today is one of the world's leading digital agencies. Reinhard and his team also partnered with filmmaker Spike Lee to form Spike DDB, a successful agency focused on the urban market.

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