Staying Home Got You Down? These Timely Videos Will Cheer You Up!

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Bored at home? Sick of Zoom?  Filled with dread, and gloom and doom?  We're here to give you a few moments of much-needed positive feels.  Up top and below you'll find four timely videos that will lift you up and make you smile.  This punishing pandemic continues to bring out the best in many people, including the talented folks responsible for these mini-masterpieces that were made simply to give all of us a few moments of happiness in these terrible times.  My personal favorite is "Stayin' Inside," a parody of "Staying Alive," the theme song from the 1977 disco-drama Saturday Night Fever.  It's from breakout internet star Brent McCullough, and it makes me feel instantly better every time I watch it.  I expect to see this guy on The Tonight Show Home Edition any night now.   

Next up: a genius, Coronavirus-themed dubbing of the song "Do Re Mi" from the 1965 all-time feel-good classic The Sound of Musicby Shirley SerbanYou already know the words to the original, but you might want to learn these, as well.  Guaranteed to make you forget your troubles for at least five minutes.

Now on to the best that Broadway has to offer, even if it is closed down ... The Broadway Coronavirus Medley by Zach Timson.  I don't know who he is, but if he isn't already famous, he ought to be.  (Listen for his shout-out to the year's most popular competition series binge, Netflix's Cheer.)

And finally, here comes "Quaranqueen," by someone known as The Kiffness.  It's included here because it's clever AF and it riffs on Netflix's multi-part documentary Tiger King, which seems to be the most talked-about television program since we all started self-quarantining.

Stay well, everyone.

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