Delivering on the Promise of People-Based Digital Marketing

By Sonobi Archives
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The sales pitch for the new age of people-based digital marketing is fantastic. The ability to identify and serve ads to unique individuals across media and devices is incredibly attractive. Advertisers can find the exact audience they are looking for and engage consumers at the optimum moment in the ideal context. Publishers have new tools to merchandise and maximize the value of their content by connecting their visitors with the advertiser who most values the particular combination of behavioral traits, media quality and context. Consumers are rewarded with personalized media experiences and interactions with advertisers that provide real value.

But have we realized this vision? In reality, the combination of a fragmented marketplace and disparate technologies has created challenges and complexities instead of connectivity, control and choice. 

The problem is not with the concept; as an industry, we are moving in the right direction. The problem is in the underlying technology and how it is currently used. A new class of technology has been created to move the market to a higher standard of media buying.

Sonobi's three-part white paper examines this significant technological advancement and what it means for publishers, advertisers and consumers.

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Our first piece, "Evolution of a Market – Impressions to People" looks at the most effective ways digital publishers can monetize their content. This includes maximizing the value of their media by matching it with audiences and high quality environments. We break down the capabilities of different data-enabled serving technologies and quantify the results by the key metrics that ultimately determine how successful an ad is, including its impact on:

  • User Experience
  • Ad Quality
  • Revenue

Our goal with this piece, as with the others in the series that will follow, is to provide perspective and direction to anyone interested in the future of data-enabled media planning and buying, and we hope you find it valuable. This is an exciting time for the media community and we look forward to doing our part to help raise the bar.

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