Derek Jeter's Guide for Success; Issa Rae's Advice to Advertisers

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At the recent AT&T Relevance Conference, where Xandr was introduced as the new identity of the company's advertising business, former New York Yankees' Captain Derek Jeter (now founder of The Players Tribune) shared his insights on the intersection of success in sports and success in business.  He shared the stage with and was interviewed by former Yankee legend Dave Winfield (pictured top left with Jeter).  Jeter was followed on stage by actress and web series creator Issa Rae of HBO's Insecure who offered guidelines for more effective advertising.

Derek Jeter's Insights for Success

Be Prepared -- Athletes need to prepare.  When you're prepared the game slows down.  When unprepared, it speeds up.  Business is accelerating -- it's moving too fast.  We need to be better prepared.  The team on the field is playing to win every game.  The front office needs to be planning two-three years down the road.

Change -- Teams need constant self-evaluation to get better and to keep up with the times.

Competition --Competition eliminates complacency and keeps you relevant, to be trendsetters and leaders.

Passion -- You need passion for what you do.  Careers come from passion.  You need to play with passion every day to keep your career, not just your job.

Your Team --Get to know your team.

Giving Back, Paying it Forward --If you have a little, give a little.  If you have a lot, give a lot.

Issa Rae's Guidelines for More Effective Advertising

Listening --The most important message to advertisers is to listen.  It's not about telling people what you want them to hear, but listening to what they're interested in hearing about.

Authenticity --You need to have authenticity and genuine concern about social issues.  There's a lot of talk about representation.  It's just talk.  Put your money where your mouth is.

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