Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Advertising and Media Industry: Still Much Work to be Done - Watch on Demand

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In the summer of 2022, The Myers Report reached out to over 2500 agency and media professionals to better understand current perspectives around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The study looked not only at current levels of representation in the industry workforce, but also the lesser-explored areas of how diverse employees engage in their corporate cultures. In general, The Myers Report found that the industry is still struggling with representation in its ranks, especially among Blacks and Hispanics. Only 4.4% of the study's respondents were Black (one-third their presence in the general population), and 8.8% were Hispanic (less than half Hispanics' presence in the general population). Black and African American respondents were also the second largest group planning to make a job change outside the industry (15.5%), a sign that retention is as much of a priority as recruiting new talent.

Perhaps even more concerning are perceptions among these groups with regards to inclusion on the job and the confidence required to take risks in their roles. Fear of failure in business organizations leads to diminished workforce creativity, lagging innovation and missed opportunities that are required to help companies navigate and evolve in transitional times such as these. Black professionals lagged every other minority group in believing that the industry supports People of Color (only 63% agreed), and less than one-quarter of them (22.5%) feel as though they work in an environment with people who look like them or share common experiences. They are also the least comfortable group when it comes to making mistakes on the job (68% are comfortable making mistakes vs. 75% of Hispanics).

There were some promising signs evident in the report, however. Across minority groups, more than 75% credit their companies with creating clear growth opportunities and preparing them for success in the advertising and media business -- a positive industry indicator for developing diverse talent.

The Myers Report's 2022 State of the Industry study includes many more insights about the realities of diversity in the media and advertising industry workforce, including perspectives on remote work, upskilling, attending live conferences and events, and the role of corporations in social responsibility.

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Originally published October 17, 2022.

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