Ed Martin Live from TCA: Joan Rivers Trashes Jay Leno, Michael Eisner Debuts a New Cartoon, Starz Introduces a Shocking New Series

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The most extraordinary thing about the cable portion of the Television Critics Association tour is the diversity of topics that members find themselves navigating during the course of the day.

Take yesterday, for example. The day began with several sessions by MTV Networks, the standout being the one for TV Land Prime's upcoming series How'd You Get So Rich? starring Joan Rivers. The title of the show is self-explanatory: Cameras follow Rivers as she runs up to people who appear to have big bucks and asks how they made their money. (Those who inherited wealth or scored on Wall Street are excluded.) The tireless Ms. Rivers did more to energize the TCA membership than anyone else so far. Before she was through, she told us the fabulous perks of her career were "better than Auschwitz," refused to identify the most annoying rich person she has ever encountered ("because these are people I still sup with and pretend I like"), referred to her Celebrity Apprentice nemesis Annie Duke as "Annie Douche" and trashed Jay Leno.

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