Effectv Report Highlights Strategies for Marketers to Maximize Impact with Multichannel Viewers

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The latest TV Viewership Report from Effectv arrives in time for the Upfront season as marketers consider a cornucopia of viewing options to reach consumers. There is no doubt that viewers today have myriad options to engage with content across channels, devices and providers. As traditional and streaming video inventory continues to merge, today's media executives might be asking themselves how much traditional TV viewing is still going on? The answer is, quite a lot.

The Effectv report, which covers the second half of 2022, shows that multiscreen delivery -- including traditional TV sources, streaming platforms, smart TV apps and mobile apps -- remains the best way to reach audiences, with traditional TV still vital for ad campaigns. More than three-quarters of multiscreen campaign reach is unique to traditional TV, with 10% coming from TV and streaming, and streaming alone accounting for 12%. A multiscreen approach is the key to reaching the largest audiences, with streaming providing opportunities for those who are lighter TV viewers. Streaming impressions were found to be four times more likely to be seen within light and no-TV viewing households.

When it came to streaming content genre consumption, news and education were more likely to be viewed on free ad-supported streaming TV channels (FAST), while reality and drama were more likely to be consumed on advertisement-based video on demand platforms (AVOD).

Where's the streaming allocation sweet spot for reaching audiences across platforms? Multiscreen campaigns were most successful when 20-30% of investment was allocated to streaming, as this provided incremental reach and frequency. Beyond 30%, there were diminishing returns as the benefits of streaming were outweighed by the minimization of traditional TV.

The full report analyzed ad exposure data from 37,000 multiscreen campaigns garnering over three billion impressions as well as independently aggregated viewership data collected from over 29 million households whose members watched nearly 14 billion hours of TV.

Effectv, the ad sales division of Comcast Cable, is an audience delivery company with a presence in 60+ markets and an estimated reach of 96 million U.S. adults, including both Comcast and non-Comcast households. The full report can be downloaded from their website here: https://www.effectv.com/insights/research-reports/tv-viewership-report-2h-2022/

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