From Cannery Row to Media Leadership: MFM CEO Joe Annotti Offers a New Vision for Financial Leaders (Video)

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From a childhood spent working in his dad's tomato canning plant in Hollister, CA to the leadership of the Media Financial Management Association, Joe Annotti has gained a unique understanding of leadership and how financial management intersects across corporate responsibilities. "If you're not in the lead, then you're trailing," he says. "You're going to fall behind and you may not be around. You need to be out in front, providing thought leadership and stimulating your members, even poking them a little bit on things they might be uncomfortable about. And then, if you do it correctly, I think you can stimulate conversation and provide a greater value to the members than they ever thought they might have." It's that wisdom, experience, and approach to leadership that led the Media Financial Management Association (MFM) to hire Joe as President/CEO and it's his commitment to thought leadership that led to MFM's planned launch this Fall of a dedicated thought leadership platform at MediaVillage. MFM joins the ANA, 4As, AAF, AEF, Ad Council and DPAA in making MediaVillage their home for industry thought leadership and conversation.

In our Legends & Leaders Conversation, Joe shares his conviction that media companies need to erase the "line of demarcation that separates the revenue and expense sides of the business. As the media industry changes, which is happening right before our eyes, as consolidations and mergers and partnerships and collaborations continue to happen, those two sides of the fence are going to have to be much more intimately involved." Joe's plans for MFM publishing, online learning and conferences include "much more revenue-side content because our members are interested in it. They want to know more about all facets of the business, and if we can provide them that information, then we've done a great service to not only the members, but to the industry."

Our conversation is a "must-view" to gain an understanding of the changing role of financial management at leading national and regional advertisers and how the changing role of media company financial professionals will require them to intersect more with advertising sales management and relate to new revenue growth models, new competition, new research and tech investments and new talent needs. Joe explains how MFM plans to provide members with "the information they need to become better at their profession and to boost their company's bottom line." Enjoy our Legends & Leaders Conversation with Joe Annotti.

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