Gen Z and Young Millennial Influence Dominates Media World

By The Myers Report Archives
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According to response to the latest marketplace assessment conducted by The Myers Report for MediaVillage, the youngest generation of media professionals comprises nearly half of agency decision-making with women representing more than 65% of this cohort.  Forty seven percent of agency decision-makers are Gen Z and young Millennials -- having worked in the business for only one to seven years.  Millennials working in the media business for 8 to 14 years represent 25% of decision-makers, while only 28% are Gen X, Gen Y and Boomers -- in the business 15+ years.  While the roles and responsibilities of more senior executives are arguably more complex, engaged and influential, the shift in power from Generations X and Y to Millennials and Gen Z is having a significant and growing impact on the business, especially on legacy media brands.  In the recently released annual Survey of Advertiser and Agency Executives on Media Company B2B Relationships, Services and Value,The Myers Report uncovered dramatic differences among the three generations in their perceptions of individual media companies.  Gender also has a major influence on perceptions of value.  The Myers Report evaluated 76 leading media companies in its annual syndicated survey, which is underwritten by the industry; the full 66-page report has been delivered to The Myers Report subscribers.  A radical example of perceptual generational and gender differences is personified in the broadcast network community, where … (MyersBizNet members can scroll down to read more or access The Myers Report online.)

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