Give Peace a Chance

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In case you missed it, Burger King placed an open letter in today’s New York Times and Chicago Tribune asking McDonald’s to come together on September 21 “Peace One Day” — cast their differences aside with an unprecedented proposition. They are asking to share resources – crew and ingredients in one single pop-up location (based in Atlanta which is neutral ground) to create, serve and sell the McWhopper with all proceeds benefiting Peace One Day” (a not-for-profit).

While McDonald’s has not agreed to this bold gesture as of yet. It is reminiscent of the peace and love sentiment of the 1960’s; I believe it has struck a chord with boomers and millennials alike. Who doesn’t want to cheer on the underdog who has challenged the market leader to put differences aside for a greater cause.

The pressure is on to see if Ronald McDonald & Co will reach a truce for this singular and significant gesture. It also should be noted, that Burger King carefully planned its challenge choosing a trusted medium – newspaper – to announce its offer. It also is interesting to note that Chicago (home of the Chicago Tribune is also a hometown McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, IL). The assumption must be that these corporate thought leaders read the Tribune daily and won’t miss this invitation!

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