Hallmark Clients Know the Joy of Rescue Pet Adoption

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If you've ever spent a weekend wandering around New York City's Union Square, you've probably seen rescue organization Muddy Paws holding adoption events. Volunteers show off adorable adoptable puppers and kitties waiting for their fur-ever home, with many passers-by stopping to at least scratch some ears.

About three years ago, Danielle Wise, associate media director at Crown Media client PHD Media, stumbled upon just such an adoption event. After petting one of the dogs and having a long conversation with a volunteer, she decided to apply to volunteer with Muddy Paws. A year later, Wise and her boyfriend began fostering pups. Now, these two have just adopted their first dog, Wally. "Wally is the goofiest guy," Wise said. "I absolutely love massaging his head and face until he falls asleep in my lap."

It was a long road to get Wally. Wise and her boyfriend fostered numerous dogs over the past two years. They had fallen head over heels in love with Luna, a foster from last fall. She had come from down south and had never seen snow. "When we were fostering her, we had the first snowfall of the season and took her out for a walk during it," Wise said. "This was likely the first snow she'd ever seen. She got so excited — stuck her head into a pile of snow, started barreling through it headfirst!" Luna's first snow experience was so adorable that people passing on the street cracked up at the sight. But the timing wasn't quite right, and Luna found a different happy home just before the holidays.

With Wally, the couple knew from the moment they had to pick him up and carry him on a walk that he was theirs. Wise takes Wally with her to run errands and he brings joy to everyone he meets. "I find that rescues are the sweetest, most loving, grateful dogs in the world," Wise said. "A lot of people assume that rescues come with a lot of baggage."

That doesn't mean everything is easy. Rescue dogs need time to adjust to their new homes. Being a foster fur-mom has certainly taught Wise patience. And, perhaps more importantly, it gave her a new perspective on humanity. "Fostering has taught me to be even more understanding and kind to people who are rude or lash out," Wise said. "We have no idea what most of these rescues have been through in their past, so if they're defensive or aggressive at first it's likely a survival mechanism." The same, she added, goes for people: "Showing them love and kindness helps put them at ease and let their guard down."

For Wise, working with a company like Crown Media that understands the importance of pet adoption is a dream come true. Hallmark's Adoption Ever After initiative, in particular, brings a warm feeling to Wise's heart. "Without big corporate support like Hallmark's, individual rescue organizations like Muddy Paws wouldn't be as successful as they are at finding homes for rescues, " Wise said.

Wise works in the video investment group at PHD Media, investing linear and video ad budgets. She has been delighted to see the rise of purpose-led advertising over the past few years, including opportunities such as Adoption Ever After.

One of the elements Wise likes the most about Adoption Ever After is the tangible effect it has. "Over the years, I've learned that it's not just about slapping a logo onto creative to show people you're doing some good," Wise said. "Brands need to connect on a deeper level so people can see they're making an actual difference."

We know Luna and Wally would agree.

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