Hamza Khan of McKinsey & Company on the $5 Trillion Metaverse Opportunity (Podcast)

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Global consulting goliath McKinsey & Company has a history of being a primary source of intelligence and guidance for some of the top companies and business leaders in the world. They are also a major arbiter of the investment path, and therefore the immediate future which enterprise, as a whole, takes given their respect and influence. So, when McKinsey & Company issues a report advising its clients that the Metaverse is a $5 trillion opportunity, with a $3 trillion e-Commerce impact, you probably should take a look at that report. Which is exactly what Media Metaverse with Minsky did.

Hamza Khan, Partner at McKinsey & Company, is one of the architects of that report. I had the pleasure of speaking with him about the Metaverse, the hype, the real opportunities and the impact that our current global macroeconomic situation may (or may not) have on their growth projections.

I highly encourage you to listen and learn as we bust some myths and challenge some preconceived notions about the future of digital.

Click to download the full (free) report: Value Creation in the Metaverse: The Real Business of Virtual World.

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