How The Weather Channel Protects and Enriches Our Daily Life

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Marcel Proust, one of the most influential novelists of the 20th century, once said, "A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves." The world has had to recreate, react and reflect as we overcome the global onslaught of COVID-19 and systemic racial inequality. Against this backdrop consumers have counted on trusted brands like The Weather Channel to provide reliable and up-to-date information as they continue to live their daily lives in a difficult social and economic climate.

The Weather Channel’s stature as a trusted source of knowledge has further reinforced its position as a valuable partner to advertisers, looking to connect with viewers in an authentic and brand-safe way, through creative and innovative brand collaborations.

The weather triggers and influences many consumer decisions -- some mundane and others monumental -- from deciding on when to make that cross-country road-trip to New Mexico to whether to host that six-feet apart minor league soccer game to whether you will need that silk hand-crafted marquee for your masked-up guests at your 10-person nuptials.

Recently, Bosch Automotive launched the "See What Matters Most" campaign, and partnered with The Weather Channel to showcase the critical role windshield wipers play in ensuring visibility in all weather conditions, and protecting drivers especially during major storms. Featuring well known meteorologist Jim Cantore, and powered by engaging Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) visuals, Cantore highlighted what matters the most on the road, recognizing consumer sentiment and affinity to safety, welfare and protection messaging.

"Merging new technology and the currency of trust that The Weather Channel owns enabled the brand to stand out in a COVID-weary and oversaturated marketplace," said Scott Sullivan, Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist at Bosch.

The Bosch windshield wipers campaign was launched as part of a 360-degree platform including customized social media messaging, live reads from the Weather Channel studios and a robust television schedule, all geared to drive brand awareness and traffic into retail outlets like O’Reilly, Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone.

The Weather Channel also recently partnered with Lincoln to craft a video series titled "Comfort in the Extreme" integrating Lincoln vehicles in diverse climate conditions across the U.S. -- rain, snow and heat. The network paired different meteorologists with each car model and chronicled their travel back to their hometowns, giving viewers a nostalgic and endearing behind-the-scenes look at how the on-air talent interacts with family, old friends and childhood memories.

In addition to tapping into the surge in driving and mobility, The Weather Channel has also created content on a critical societal topic -- mental health. The network recently produced content for Oura Ring which is a digital product that tracks your overall health and well-being. Using immersive techniques, the network portrayed the important effects of daylight savings on sleep as light and weather changes.

Reflecting on its rank as the most trusted news brand for over a decade, Barbara Bekkedahl, President Weather Group, Ad Sales & Client Partnerships noted, "The Weather Channel delivers on trust and brand safety with branded content and integration opportunities that span from endemic weather-focused storm preparation and recovery to lifestyle categories relevant to all brands such as travel, retail, health and wellness."

Capitalizing on its next-gen IMR studio, the network leverages the most dynamic technology to integrate brands and leverages new shows like Let’s Go (a travel adventure series) and Frozen Gold(a series following gold miners in Greenland) to tell a brand's story. The creative combination of this engaging programming and IMR technology creates a strong narrative for advertisers.

Given the fact the U.S. has seen an increase of severe storms driven by climate change, one in four Americans have come to rely on The Weather Channel for storm coverage and trust the network to stay on top as conditions intensify or dissipate. Storms are big events for The Weather Channel, but the network is also a home for lifestyle content for those sunny, 72 degree days -- providing a valuable canvas for brands that promote family road trips and travel; seasonal DIY content for home, lawn or farm, and seasonal cooking.

As Americans slowly return to a new normal, content like It’s Amazing Out There, sponsored by Jeep Gladiator, captures the energy and freedom of the great outdoors from Big Sur to Sedona to Pikes Peak in Colorado -- where viewers are immersed in a scenic road trip to magnificent locations -- providing us with an opportunity to recreate a more optimistic world for all seasons and, as Proust would say, to "see new landscapes with new eyes."

This is the power of The Weather Channel as it propels consumers and brands to connect through stories about lifestyle, road-trip adventures and daily rituals -- rain or shine.

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