Video: How to Get Sweet Revenge (and the Lesson for Marketers)

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This week on Mindshare’s Culture Vulture Live, Gabriella Kaplan gives us the scoop on Troll Cakes.

Troll Cakes bills itself as both a bakery and a detective agency.  Launched by a woman named Kate Thek in New York, the premise is simple. You send Thek a hateful comment that someone left you on the Internet.  In return, she turns it into a chocolate chip brownie cake.  That cake is then delivered to the Internet troll in question, with a copy of the original comment included.

You can have one of these cakes delivered anywhere in the U.S.  And, for an extra fee, if you don’t know much about the person who’s trolling you, Troll Cakes will actually track them down so that you can send a cake their way.

Obviously, the discussion of what to do about hateful comments online has been going on for some time now.  This past year, platforms such as Instagram and Twitter added new features to block and remove unwanted comments and users.

But Troll Cakes also follows another trend that we’ve been tracking called My World, The World.  Research has shown that while more and more adults are becoming satisfied with the direction of their personal lives, there’s a widening gulf with how negatively they feel about the direction of society and their weakening trust in institutions.

For brands and marketers, there’s an opportunity to help people channel some of that frustration and cut the tension in creative ways.  For example, we talked about the Hater dating app on a previous episode of Culture Vulture Live.  The app specifically matches people up in great part based on things they both hate or simply dislike.

Now, that might not be your cup of tea.  But now we know that if someone’s sending negativity your way, you can literally make them eat their words.

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