It’s Time to Play ... Name that Media Platform!

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The comScore December 2015 multi-platform results are eye opening, as you will see from the fast facts below.

Please don’t read ahead. Instead, based on the information provided below, try to name the media platform described herein.

1) 39% of this platform's audience is comprised of Millennials (A18-34), reaching 59% of the total Internet in this coveted demo.

2) 57% of its audience is comprised of Mobile Exclusives (vs. PC or both platforms).

3) Its Millennial Mobile Exclusive users grew 38% (to 32.9 million monthly uniques) in the past 12 months (compared with 1% growth across all Internet sites).

4) Its iPhone visitors A18+ increased 40% to 47.1 million monthly uniques. (Compare this to 10% growth across all Internet sites.)

5) The platform ranks No. 1 for reaching more Millennial men vs. all other measured sports sites. (It delivers more M18-34 than ESPN, Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports.)

6) The platform tops all entertainment music sites including Pandora for reaching visitors A18-34.

7) The platform delivers 2X as many A18-49 who searched online for treatment of an ailment than WebMD.

8) The platform reaches 66% of A18+ with HHI of $100k+.

You probably are wondering if we’re talking about Facebook. After all, what else could this platform be?

When you add that it’s No. 1 for delivering Adults 18+ for the General News category you might figure out that we’re talking about the NNN Top 25 newspaper sites. If so, congratulations. You’re a winner!

Marketplace factors including an early start to the political season, a 20% increase in online sales (MasterCard Advisors Spending Plus Study), declining oil prices, a delay in cold weather and the like contributed to all of this activity.  With that said, it is impossible to ignore the boost given to local news stories via the digital news battle between Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News that increased in velocity late last year.  When Google AMP hits its stride this year, the intensity of this fight for share of market will only heighten.

What the social media kings have helped us to demonstrate is that Millennials, Mobilists and Localists of all ages like to share the timely, premium news content provided by newspaper editors.  In other words, the consumers are there.

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