Leverage Your Laziness: Do What You Love

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Each of us has a unique gift, but some of us never figure out what it is. Even fewer build careers around that gift.

What’s your gift?

It’s usually revealed to you when you’re being lazy. In our lazy moments we gravitate toward those things we like doing, come easy to us and are great at.  The things that come easy to you may be hard for someone else and vice versa.  The fact that it comes easy tricks you into thinking it’s easy for everyone.  Wrong!  It comes easy to you because of your unique gifts.

How can you turn what you love doing into a successful career? It requires some imagination, but it’s possible and if you get creative about it, you’ll be able to completely “leverage your laziness.”

Imagine -- you’re a talented improv actress looking for a lucrative day job. You may not know anything about sales -- prospecting strategies, how to turn around objections, or closing sales -- but haven’t you been improvising and thinking on your feet constantly in your acting? Relying on those strengths to become an outstanding and confident salesperson is one way you could use your gift.

Let’s say you love watching movies and could sit around all day doing just that. How can you turn that passion into a vocation? Create the path for yourself! Watching movies and reformatting them for editorial standards and advertising breaks is something that needs to be done. Does that sound like the perfect job for you?

How about all the people out there that live for video games? Aren’t many of them essentially doing something along the lines of controlling drones or testing VR scenarios?

It may not be as straightforward as some of these examples, but making sure you’re somehow incorporating what you’re good at and love doing into your day-to-day life will ensure you’ll be happier and more successful in the long run.

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