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At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) the Privacy-centric tech company announced a new round of changes that will further impact the ad-tech/audience targeting faction of the ad industry. New tools will give consumers the ability to see and opt-out of apps that are tracking their data. Determining email-open rates and retargeting by that information will be much harder as iOS15 rolls out as Apple will be blocking email trackers. It will also be blocking IP address tracking in Safari.

Highly respected and much-beloved Advertising Sales Lead for Facebook, Carolyn Everson, has left Facebook. Everson, who was directly in the line of marketer fire with each mis-step that Facebook made, managed to maintain strong relationships in the marketer and ad agency community; despite the turmoil that Facebook has gone through in the past few years.

GroupM has revised its media revenue forecast upwards. The holding company now predicts that 2021 ad revenue will be up 22% to $279B with spending up 15% from pre-pandemic 2019 revenue. Predictions on spending will rise to $388B by 2026 at which point they predict that digital spending will account for 69% of all media revenue.

The Media Ratings Council (MRC) issued a statement that Nielsen understated local viewing earlier this year, "similar in dimension to the understatements that were seen in the earlier set of national analyses conducted by Nielsen". The largest issues seemed to be in the Nielsen markets which utilized both Set Meters and Return Path Data methodology. The range of difference in these markets were between 1% to 5% with 2.5% the average.

A group of 20 marketers including: Target, Danone, DoorDash, Pernod Ricard, General Mills, L'Oréal, AARP and Nestle, all GroupM clients have pledged to spend between 2% - 5% of their annual media budgets on Black-owned media outlets.

Project Oar has certified Invidi to help bring addressable advertising to 11mm Vizio Smart TVs.

With very little penalty involved for consumers to switch back and forth between OTT/SVOD services, churn is on the rise. A study from Interpret shows that churn rates went up to 20% from 15% in the second half of 2020.13% of respondents said that they cancelled a service after watching a specific series in which they had interest.

Have you subscribed to 5G yet? Do you have your brand new 5G phone? Well, enjoy it, because in a few years (well maybe a decade) that phone will be obsolete. This week the U.S. and the UK announced that they are developing a science and technology agreement to begin work on 6G standards.

Bayer, which spends a reported $800mm in media globally, has launched a global media review.

Bloomberg is reporting that social media sensation TikTok is asking $1.4mm for a main screen takeover and hiking that price on holidays to $2mm. According to Bloomberg, this buy delivers approximately 109mm impressions.

CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbertretained the claim of most-watched late-night TV show for the 2020-21 season. This was the fifth straight year that the show has claimed the title. However, for the first time, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Beat NBC's The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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