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On this episode of Culture Vulture Live, Nicole McCallum in our Toronto office takes a deep dive into Great Expectations, a trend identified here at Mindshare.

As companies like Amazon, Uber and Netflix push the boundaries of speed, service and innovation, consumer expectations are changing, forcing other brands to keep up.  Consumers today are comparing all brands to a select few disruptors, raising the overall bar.  Our research shows that 52% of consumers have higher expectations for brands today than they did in the past.

So what can we learn from innovators like AirBnB and Tesla?  How to play off key human behavior triggers.  The No. 1 consumer expectation for brands today is to "make my life easier."  To do this, marketers can look to the U.K. Behavioral Insights Team's EAST Model consisting of four pillars: make it easy, make it attractive, make it social and make it timely.

Companies like Amazon have done this by implementing same-day deliveries, reducing the wait time consumers expect for receiving their products. Food retailer Loblaw has said that it plans to "blanket" Canada with its click-and-collect service by the end of the year, adding 500 new pick-up sites. By doing so, they'll give most Canadians the opportunity to order groceries online and pick them up at locations that are convenient for them.

Montreal-based mobile platform GOLO allows travelers to place orders from restaurants or convenience stores in the airport through the AtYourGate app.  The items get delivered to the passenger's gate, cutting out the need to wait in line for food or walk far distances through the airport to fulfill cravings.  Right now, AtYourGate is only available in San Diego, CA, but the company is working on rolling it out to airports in Canada as well.

For marketers, you can use the EAST Model to workshop new ways to enhance your marketing or communication strategy.  You should always be using data and research to identify and meet the changing expectations of category consumers.

Thanks for watching this episode of Culture Vulture Live.  For more information on the latest in Adaptive Marketing, please visit MindshareInTheLoop.com.

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