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Movies are one of the classic programming genres on which television was built. Theatrical feature presentations and  "Movie of the Week" franchises drove high and reliable ratings performance for all three networks for years.


Features and Made for TV movies have in recent years migrated to pay cable, DVD's and a variety of internet ventures. As a result, there may be an opportunity for at least one advertiser-supported network to produce, air and otherwise distribute a new generation of movies for television.

  • Movies have built-in promotional equity
  • Movies have long tails, can be exploited on multiple platforms, globally
  • Movies can be perennials providing an unending revenue stream
  • Movies can generate tie-ins, spin-offs, merchandising, etc.
  • Movies can be produced much more quickly and less expensively today due to new video technologies
  • Movies can be developed with specific, desirable audiences in mind: teens, women, upscale adults, young men, etc.

My Movie Network (MMN) will work with advertisers to develop titles specifically designed to reach their audiences, showcase their products and provide multiple merchandising platforms tailored the goals and desires of individual marketers.

(I'm not delusional or actually planning to launch a TV network;Check the date of this post. Seriously, I do think that the production of original movies for television is a valid and perhaps strong strategy for a TV company to pursue in the future.) What do you think?

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