N3 Digital Introduces A New Technology That Delivers Highly Targeted Messaging -- With Scale

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At the NNN we consistently work to bring leading edge technology to the marketplace that helps newspaper digital platforms demonstrate better efficacy and attribution to marketers. In this endeavor, the ability to incorporate priorities that push marketer hot buttons in real time is essential. Our latest digital offering does all of the above and we are terrifically excited to debut it here.

At N3 (NNN's digital division) we now offer advertisers the ability to deliver thousands of simultaneous ad messages to highly targeted audiences, creating higher engagement and conversion for digital campaigns. Marketers supply the components for the message….N3 does the rest. In addition to delivering simple customization of an ad, this technology allows our partners to avoid ad blockers and protect them from fraud and bot traffic; making campaigns much more highly viewable.

So how does it work? Advertisers supply us with a series of offers, product shots, backgrounds, and copy and in a split second we assemble an ad execution that is specifically tailored to the consumer to whom it is served taking into consideration factors such as demos, geography and more. By accessing data from over 40 different third party providers, along with advertiser first party data we can create custom target audiences allowing marketers to decide in the moment what creative message will resonate best. Messaging can be created and modified continuously in a limitless manner - again, in the moment.  Available across all newspaper digital platforms including mobile, we optimize the campaign as it unfolds. In turn, KPI's can be established against a number of objectives; from visits to client websites to direct sales.

This new buying protocol now allows N3 to offer truly dynamic creative ad executions against the consumers of newspaper digital platforms - greatly increasing the effectiveness of traditional audience targeting and retargeting efforts. Through the proof points that our analytics will provide, newspaper digital platforms will expand upon the fast growing agreement among many marketers there best prospects are consuming newspaper digital media.

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