NNN: Newspaper Websites Attract More Millennial Mobile Exclusives than Facebook!

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The consumer journey is mobile. People of all ages are intrinsically tied to their devices 24/7. They sleep with them, shop with them, search on them -- the relationship is intimate and all encompassing. This is not surprising. What is surprising however is that mobile exclusives on newspaper websites are exploding!

Check this out:  According to comScore (October 2015 multi-platform data), mobile exclusive Millennials (A18-34) on Facebook have increased 8% YOY from 29.3 million to 31.5 million -- clearly impressive.  However, monthly Millennial mobile exclusives on NAA aggregated newspaper websites during that same time period increased a whopping 49% from 28.3 million to 42.3 million.  Yes, it’s a fact that newspaper websites, in aggregate, attract more Millennial mobile exclusives than Facebook!  In addition, the NNN Top 25 websites also outperform Facebook among mobile exclusive Millennials with just over 32 million monthly uniques.

Shocking, I know -- and you’re probably wondering where they are coming from.  Again, big data provides the answers: They are coming from Buzzfeed, Google Search and Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News and other portals and content aggregators.  They are visiting newspaper websites in droves because they value, are engaged with and share quality, trustworthy, relevant content.  This a great testament to the power of Facebook Instant Articles and the like.

So, if you are reading this blog post and you are an advertiser, the big question remains: Where do you currently advertise and where should you be advertising?  To date, the portals, search and social media aggregators are cashing out on this audience traffic.  One could argue that your brand’s message would be best served by spreading budgets across more platforms (e.g., include newspaper websites) as it will be reinforced where stories are consumed.

In 2016, consider the benefits of spreading budgets as we work together to spread news you can use.

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