Privacy Compliance Grows in Importance as More States Pass Laws and Enforcement Efforts Begin (Podcast)

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According to the recent March 2022 Data Privacy -- U.S. Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors survey by the Consumer Tech Association, two-thirds of adults have significant privacy concerns with internet-based technology. Eighty-four percent believe that online privacy should be a consumer right, with 75% sharing the opinion that "control over my personal privacy is more important than convenience." These opinions are, with increasing velocity, being voiced in the form of state referendums and turned into legislation that has already caused confusion and realignment of what it means to target in the digital era.

While there are recent signs that Congress may attempt to write a Federal Privacy law, there is no sure bet that it will actually happen, pass, and not make things worse for marketers. While states like California, Colorado, Nevada and now Utah have passed state privacy laws, enforcement in the U.S. is just beginning. If GDPR in the EU is any indication, that enforcement will cost violators a pretty penny.

Enter Richy Glassberg, who along with being an internet ad sales pioneer, an industry leader as Vice Chairman and Founder of the IAB, an entrepreneur and a CEO, is a friend of mine since almost the first banner was served, when I was running the IBM Digital business at Ogilvy and Richy was slinging banners at Glassberg is just as passionate about the digital media and advertising industry now as he was then. Glassberg saw that privacy would become a dominant industry topic and created, along with his business partner/general counsel Wayne Matus, Safeguard Privacy, a compliance platform to help businesses understand and adhere to the many nuances that the continued roll-out of privacy legislation brings.

Don’t miss my conversation with Richy around his product and the current state of data privacy in the Media Metaverse.

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