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If there was ever a time to delete your bad photos on Facebook, that time is now. On this week's Mindshare Culture Vulture Live, Alexis Fragale talks about a new use for your selfies.

Facebook has filed a patent to turn people's photos into customized emoji. The idea is that if you use an emoji on Facebook, their facial recognition technology will find a photo where you have a similar expression on your face, and then they'll turn that photo into your very own emoji.

At a time when emoji usage is exploding, a move like this makes sense. Slack actually already lets users turn photos into custom emojis. And a team at Google recently designed new emojis to better represent working women, from doctors to farmers to teachers and more.

Now, a lot of brands are already using emojis for marketing. But what's really interesting is how the trends of inclusivity and self-expression are coming into play. More and more people are asking for emojis that better represent who they are and what they like. And that's because an increased number of consumers see what they post online as an expression of who they are.

So instead of just jumping into the emoji game, marketers should make sure they're providing real value for their audiences. For example, our Dove client launched the Love Your Curls emoji keyboard, enabling women to use emojis that had curly hair instead of just straight hair. And last year, our Dominos client launched a program to let you order their pizza by tweeting emoji.

All that said, the most important thing to remember is this: Go through your Facebook photos sometime soon to avoid a bad emoji later.

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