"South Park" Reveals Startling Truths Behind the Obama and McCain Campaigns!

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With this week’s episode of Comedy Central’s South Park – which was all about the historic outcome of Election 2008 -- series creators and masterminds Trey Parker and Matt Stone and their production team redefined the concept of timely scripted television entertainment. Talk about a turnaround! Even if Parker and Stone produced much of it in advance, the episode didn’t just acknowledge President-elect Barack Obama’s momentous win – it included specific references to Election Night, among them Obama’s destined to be historic acceptance speech.


Sen. John McCain’s very gracious comments in acknowledging Obama’s victory were also incorporated.

Obama and McCain spoke these words less than 24 hours before this episode was first telecast on Comedy Central! Parker and Stone are known for cutting close their production deadlines, but this time they outdid themselves. I am happy to report that the irrepressible duo did nothing in the episode to harsh the feel-good buzz that is currently sweeping the country, although they did have fun with it. Both candidates remained unscathed. Only the residents of the title town were made to look ridiculous.

While South Park citizens were busy reacting in accordance with their political beliefs, we saw what Obama and McCain have really been up to in recent months. (Think Ocean's Eleven.)

And we learned that the ever-surprising Gov. Sarah Palin was also in on the act.

Obama, McCain and Palin were all made to look equally cool, as Parker and Stone demonstrated remarkable restraint and respect without failing to be funny. (When was the last time that happened?) And, as always, they left viewers with plenty to think about.





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