Tech and Storytelling Converge to Make Cinema Ads Stand Out for Brands

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Screenvision Media asserts that 2017 is the year that technology and storytelling will partner to create truly outstanding branded connections with moviegoer journeys. To ensure success, it has dedicated in-house sales and creative resources to guide brands in the creation of organic and authentic integrated media experiences.  The Screenvision Media team works directly with advertisers to ensure that all consumer touch points throughout the connected cinema journey deliver impact for brands and audiences. 

I spoke last week with Christine Martino, Senior Vice President, National Ad Sales and Matt Arden, Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director to learn more about this partnership.

"Our technology and creative teams work with sales as a one-stop shop to develop compelling storytelling solutions for brands targeting movie-goers," Martino explained. With the proliferation of technology including mobile, geo-fencing, beacons and point-of-purchase screens, cinema is no longer simply OOH media (in-lobby/in-theater).  It is premium video that delivers an immersive experience throughout the decision-making process for entertainment enthusiasts.

With technology as an enabler, Screenvision Media employs bespoke storytelling to deliver branded messaging as soon as the thought of going to a movie sparks in the minds of consumers. The branded content experience unfolds throughout the connected cinema journey and no longer ends when the movie ends. Re-messaging is integral and has become a narrative art showcasing one-on-one interactions through mobile, trivia and opportunities for individuals to choose an outcome. Screenvision Media has several pilots in the works building towards a fully connective cinema journey.

We all know that premium video delivered in context is king and that branded content has become a mainstream advertising strategy.  Agencies and brands are looking to push the limits. Brands want to share their stories in uncluttered premium environments where their ad can't be skipped and their message will resonate. "Cinema advertising is unique as audiences are engaged, willing and passionate participants in storytelling -- they are not distracted or disinterested," Martino told me. "Advertising is not blocked or skipped on the 40 foot screen." 

Arden's team designs and curates storytelling that works for brands across screens and venues. "Our audiences are entertainment enthusiasts who opt into storytelling," he said. "They expect quality authentic and organic stories from us.  My team's job is to make that messaging great.  In addition to industry expertise, one of the most important tools that we have is time; we can run both long and short form spots to create something special for our advertisers.  Another differentiator from other video platforms is that we have complete control of our inventory and how it is formatted in real time.  This allows us to shape and deliver every story on the best canvas."

Finally, accountability is at the center of the convergence of creativity and technology as attribution is important to brands.  Screenvision Media takes metrics seriously as it works with a wide range of third parties to create a proprietary attribution platform that also considers first party data secured through loyalty programs, beacons and connected cinema.  Sales provides a post-buy analysis to advertisers that addresses the audience metrics in the theater and is working to provide a complete picture of the movie-going experience off-screen.

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