Learning Faster: The New Reality for Marketers

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This innovation actually came long ago from Lester Wunderman and other visionary direct marketers.  But it becomes exalted in digital media.  And now with DTC advertisers flooding back into TV, inevitably to all media.  It has nothing to do with which media you use, or which creative you use.  It's simply having an ability to read results fast enough to improve in-flight.

It isn't the data science.  The machine learning.  The percent you put in mobile, etc.  It's the ability to learn faster.  You will recall the relationship between survival of a species and the speed at which it can adapt.  As above, so below.  This rule also applies to companies.  The big advertisers are now moving with all prudent speed away from their annual reintegration of knowledge about reality, to one that is at least quarterly.

The kids out of school are doing weekly re-optimization, and winning easily.  This should call attention because the advantage is with the defender, as consumer inertia can normally be glacial.

My guess is, week one for any DTC advertising did not look good.  Each conversion lost money, etc.  But learning how to reassess reality every week is an enormously overlooked source of brand growth.  Hence my sharing this thought with you all.

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