The Meaning of the Moment in Media and Entertainment

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What follows is a rundown of the burning needs of entertainment companies in the current transition from nonaddressable to addressable media.

Entertainment and advertising in the 20th century was based upon mass non-addressable media and seven other bedrock frameworks. In the 20 year period between 1995 and 2015 each one of these constructs was completely and permanently destroyed.

Although entertainment and advertising companies have not uniformly reached the equal sophistication level in understanding these changes, all of them globally have now realized a significant portion of these changes, and are rushing to grapple with them, in part by hiring data scientists within their own organizations.

These data scientists, while all equipped with standardly taught computer science and engineering practices, and often intoxicated with the leadership opportunities thrust upon them, are secretly aware that they lack subject matter expertise and that the latter will not be gained overnight.

The largest entertainment and advertising organizations have made great strides in combining computer science with their own subject matter expertise in a short period of time and are proud of this progress. The future success of the individual decision-makers involved is wedded to the maintenance of the perception that they have everything under control themselves.

The burning needs of entertainment companies include:

  • Being able to affordably achieve fast reach and awareness for their new content launches
  • Being able to gain new audiences for their existing (not newly launched) content
  • Establishing awareness and usage of their content via streaming among consumers who prefer to consume their content that way
  • Knowing how to identify the right targets for specific content
  • Knowing what subset of a program's/movie's content to put into trailers for specific targets
  • Knowing early in development what refinements to make to specific content for greatest success
  • Knowing how to price their content to new and existing outlets

The additional burning needs of networks and MVPDs include making the viewer experience as pleasurable and easy as possible, so as to create enduring habits of loyalty.

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