The Most Amplifying Contexts for Amazon’s High Impact Christmas Ad

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Amazon has put out a heartwarming 60-second Christmas ad that uses Beatles music to help tell a story of shared joy. We feel that the ad will be effective in evoking gratitude and brand love in viewers. In the spirit of giving – being the spirit of the holiday season – the company I co-founded, RMT, is sharing data in this article that will help Amazon place that ad in programs which bring out the maximum positive emotion and good will.

Of all the programs on US television, the one that will most amplify the impact of the ad is Secret Celebrity Renovation on CBS. The resonance between the ad and the program is 55.3%, meaning that 55.3% of the DriverTags in the ad are also in that show. DriverTags are psychological variables which are empirically proven to be causally related to program choice and brand choice by third party objective research companies such as Nielsen NCS and Neustar among others.

Flirty Dancing on FOX is the second best environment for bringing out the total potential impact of this ad, with a 52.6% resonance score, that is tied by The Andy Griffith Show, on MeTV, TVLand, and Sundance.

There are a total of 598 programs on US television which score over 30.0% in resonance with this ad. 30% resonance level was detected by a 605 study involving over 20 million households of set-top box data and over 23,000 completed interviews to be the level at which even a single ad exposure can generate strong first brand mention, brand perception, brand consideration, and purchase intent.

For buying run of network, the top-ranking networks in terms of resonance with this ad are:

In the above table, we have chosen 20.0% as the relevant cutoff point, because the average of all buys currently being made on television in the US average in the approximate range of 19.2%.

Superior buys can be made almost as cost efficiently by rotations on network dayparts. There are 185 network dayparts which have at least 20.0% resonance with this ad, and 19 that have at least 30% resonance with this ad. The highest of these is Early Fringe on MeTV, with 40.8% resonance.

For buying digital using ID targeting, the highest amplification of efficacy can be achieved by whitelisting IDs that exhibit high resonance with the RMT motivations in this ad, which are:

The NCS study shows that resonance between ad and context on average increases sales lift by +36%.

The Neustar study shows that resonance between ad and ID on average increases incremental sales return on ad spend (ROAS) by +95%.

Above and beyond these hints which we hope will be helpful to Amazon, this ad and its placement where it will be showcased and not experienced by the viewer as a dissonant interruption with the program being enjoyed, to us represents where marketing and advertising are destined to go in the upside future. Ads and brand content which entertain, uplift, inspire and inform, evoke positive experience and emotion, and deepen the level of bonding with the brand.

May your Thanksgiving be bountiful with reasons to be grateful. And let all our lives be full of both thanks and giving.
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