The Power of the Plus: Navigating the Evolution of Streaming Media at CES 2024

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As the CEO of Octillion Media, a frontrunner in the streaming media and Connected TV (CTV) landscape, my insights from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 highlight the pivotal trends shaping our industry. This year, the buzzwords include 'plus'-- a symbol of the burgeoning expansion and evolution of streaming platforms. From Peacock Premium Plus to YouTube TV Plus Sunday Ticket, the 'plus' signifies more than an additional offering; it represents a paradigm shift in content consumption and delivery; AI - the growth of intelligence to power programming, attribution and more.

The Celebrity Influence in Original Content

One of the standout trends from CES 2024 is the undeniable power of celebrity in driving original content. Platforms like Disney+ and Discovery+ are leveraging star power to create compelling, unique content as highlighted in the Disney Global Tech & Data Showcase. This strategy isn't just about glamour; it's a testament to how celebrity-led shows can attract diverse audiences, thereby broadening the platform's appeal and reach. The success of these shows reflects a deeper connection between viewers and the personalities they admire, blurring the lines between traditional celebrity influence and streaming media content.

AI-Driven Attribution Solutions

Another groundbreaking development is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing attribution solutions. As a leader in this space, I have witnessed firsthand how AI can provide deeper insights into viewer preferences and behaviors. This technology is revolutionizing the way we understand our audience, allowing for more targeted and personalized content delivery. AI's role in attribution is not just about data analytics; it's about crafting a more engaging and relevant viewer experience.

The Rise of Live Streaming and Sports

Live streaming, particularly of sports events, has seen a remarkable surge as more events shift from linear to streaming. Platforms like Disney+, ESPN+ and YouTube TV Plus Sunday Ticket, among others, are capitalizing on this trend, offering live sports content that was traditionally the domain of cable TV. This shift is not merely a change in the mode of delivery; it's a cultural shift in viewing habits. Live streaming brings a sense of immediacy and community to viewers, transforming the way sports and live events are consumed.

The 'Plus' Factor in Growth

The 'plus' in these platforms -- Peacock Premium Plus, Discovery+, and others -- is more than a marketing gimmick. It represents a multifaceted approach to content delivery. These platforms are not just adding more content; they are enhancing the viewer experience with better quality, greater variety, and innovative features. The 'plus' symbolizes a commitment to exceeding viewer expectations and continuously evolving in a competitive market.

In conclusion, the trends from CES 2024 underscore the dynamic nature of the streaming media and CTV industry. The power of celebrity in content, AI-driven attribution, live streaming, and the holistic approach of the 'plus' platforms are shaping a new era in media consumption. As we navigate these changes, Octillion Media, I sit at the forefront of technology, media and entertainment. It is exciting to see consumers and the industry embracing innovation and driving forward the evolution of streaming media and CTV.

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